Recent Graduate Student Publications

Student Publications

Chris Brown – Team Production in Endogenous Networks. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.

Ezra Goldstein – Communication Costs in Science: Evidence from the National Science Foundation Network. Industrial and Corporate Change.

Jason Baron, Ezra Goldstein, Joseph Ryan – The Push for Racial Equity in Child Welfare: Can Blind Removals Reduce Disproportionality? Journal or Policy Analysis and Management.

Alexander Usvitskiy – Strategic Risk Taking in Dynamic Contests, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

Jon Oxley – Examining Donor Preference for Charity Religious Affiliation, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly

Jon Oxley – Does additional mandatory reporting alter charity or donor behavior? Examining the 2006 Pension Protection Act, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.

Hanna Hoover – Nudges as norms: Evidence from the NYC taxi cab industry. Journal of Economic Psychology.

Kevin Chiu – The Impact of Certificate of Need Laws on Heart Attack Mortality: Evidence from County Borders, Journal of Health Economics

Arthur Nelson – Deterrence in Sequential Contests: An Experimental Study, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics

E. Jason Baron (with Max Gross) – Temporary Stays and Persistent Gains: The Causal Effects of Foster Care, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics

E. Jason Baron – School Spending and Student Outcomes: Evidence from Revenue Limit Elections in Wisconsin, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy

E. Jason Baron, Ezra Goldstein, and Cullen Wallace – Suffering in silence: How COVID-19 school closures inhibit the reporting of child maltreatment, Journal of Public Economics

E. Jason Baron – The Effect of Teachers’ Unions on Student Achievement in the Short Run: Evidence from Wisconsin’s Act 10, Economic Education Review.

Steven W. Landgraf, Entry threats from municipal broadband Internet and impacts on private provider quality, Information Economics and Policy.

Javier Portillo – Land-Assembly and Externalities: How do Positive Post-Development Externalities Affect Land Aggregation Outcomes?, Regional Science and Urban Economics.

Javier Portillo – The Impact of Bargaining Delays Under the Threat of Eminent Domain, Journal of Regional Science.

Fredrick Bedsworth, Daniel Neal, Javier Portillo, and Kevin Willardsen – Asymmetric information and insurance: An experimental approach, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics

Brian Meehan – Does private security affect crime? A test using state regulations as an instrument, Applied Economics.

Papers Co-Authored with Faculty

Philip Solimine (with R Mark Isaac) – Reputation an market structure in experimental platforms. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.

Blake Dunkle and Philip Solimine (with R Mark Isaac). The robustness of lemons in experimental markets. In Research in Experimental Economics.

Cullen Wallace (with Carl Kitchens) – The impact of place-based poverty relief: Evidence from the Federal Promise Zone Program, Regional Science and Urban Economics

Cullen Wallace (with Luke P. Rodgers) – Who responds to changes to the federal adoption tax credit? Evidence from Florida, Southern Economic Journal

Babington, Michael (with Sebastian Goerg and Carl Kitchens) – Do Tournaments With Superstars Encourage or Discourage Competition?, Journal of Sports Economics

Joe Connors and Hugo Montesinos (with James Gwartney) – The Rise and Fall of Worldwide Income Inequality, 1820-2035, Southern Economic Journal

Joe Connors and Hugo Montesinos (with James Gwartney) – The Transportation-Communication Revolution: 50 Years of Dramatic Change in Economic Development, Cato Journal

James Alhoy (with John Hamman) – Personality Traits and Endogenous Group Formation, Revue Economique

E. Jason Baron (with Shawn Kantor and Alex Whalley) – Extending the Reach of Research Universities:  A Proposal for Productivity Growth in Lagging Communities,” in Jay Shambaugh and Ryan Nunn, eds., Place-Based Policies for Shared Economic Growth

Steven Pawlowski (with Shawn Kantor and Carl Kitchens) – Civil Asset Forfeiture, Crime, and Police Incentives: Evidence from the Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984, Economic Inquiry.

Doug Norton and Joe Stinn (with R Mark Isaac and Luke Boosey) – Cooperation, contributor types, and control questions, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics.

Doug Norton (with R Mark Isaac and Svetlana Pevnitskaya) – A new experimental mechanism to investigate polarized demands for public goods: the effects of censoring, Experimental Economics.

Hugo Montesinos (with James Gwartney) – An Examination of the Former Centrally Planned Economies 25 Years After the Fall of Communism, Cato Journal

John Gibson (with Manoj Atolia and Milton Marquis) – Moral Hazard in Lending and Labor Market Volitility, Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking.

Javier Portillo (with R Mark Isaac and Carl Kitchens) – Can buyer “mobility” reduce aggregation failures in land-assembly?, Journal of Urban Economics

Phil Brookins (with John Lightle and Dmitry Ryvkin) – Sorting and communication in weak-link group contests, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.

Phil Brookins (with Luke Boosey and Dmitry Ryvkin) – Contests with group size uncertainty: Experimental evidence. Games and Economic Behavior.

Phil Brookins (with Dmitry Ryvkin) – Equilibrium existence in group contests, Economic Theory Bulletin.

Kevin Willardsen (with Keith Ihlanfeldt) – Local Public Services and the Geography of Development: Evidence from Florida Counties, Journal of Regional Science.

John Gibson (with Manoj Atolia and Milton Marquis) – Asymmetry and the Amplitude of Business Cycle Fluctuations: A Quantitative Investigation of the Role of Financial Frictions, Macroeconomic Dynamics.

James Freeland and Kevin Willardsen (with Chris Clapp and Keith Ihlanfeldt) – The Fiscal Impacts of Alternative Land Uses: An Empirical Investigation of Cost of Community Services Studies, Public Finance Review.

Chris Boudreaux (with Randall Holcombe) – Market Institutions and Income Inequality, Journal of Institutional Economics