PHD Job Market

2022-2023 Ph.D. Job Candidates

NameJob Market Paper FieldsCommittee
Chris Brown
(postdoc at Purdue)
Local Public Goods in Dynamic NetworksMicroeconomic Theory, Experimental, BehavioralSvetlana Pevnitskaya (chair), Luke Boosey, Dmitry Ryvkin, Jens Grosser, Tim Cason (postdoc supervisor)
Thomas Frye“Domination and mutualism: Conservation and consumption of resources in the lab”Environmental, Experimental Economics, Law and Economics, Mark Isaac (chair), John Hamman, Carl Kitchens, Allen Blay
Travis LaHue“Analyzing the impact of changes in flood risk on housing value: evidence from a coastal county.”Environmental Economics, Urban Economics, Law and Economics, Applied EconometricsCarl Kitchens (chair), Keith Ihlanfeldt, Cynthia Yang, Mariya Letdin
Anthony Manucci“Firm Conduct in the Airline Industry: Evidence from the 737 Max Grounding”Industrial OrganizationMatt Gentry (chair), Carl Kitchens, Luke Rodgers
Jon Oxley
(VAP at Trinity University)
“Does Additional Mandatory Reporting Alter Charity or Donor Behavior? Examining the 2006 Pension Protection Act”Public, Behavioral, Applied EconometricsMark Isaac (chair), Carl Kitchens, Luke Rodgers, Jens Grosser

Placement Director

Luke Boosey
Florida State University
Department of Economics
113 Collegiate Loop, Room BEL 269
P.O. Box 3062180
Tallahassee, FL 32306-2180