PHD Job Market

2021-2022 Ph.D. Job Candidates

NameJob Market Paper FieldsCommittee
Joe Ballard“Dynamic Coordination with Switching Costs”Microeconomic Theory, Experimental and Behavioral EconomicsLuke Boosey, David Cooper, John Hamman, Jens Grosser
Ezra Goldstein“A Mighty Toll: Mine Accidents and the Long Run Effect of Parental Loss”Child Welfare, Labor, Public, Economic HistoryShawn Kantor (chair), Carl Kitchens, Luke P. Rodgers, Ron Doel
Morgan Holland“Growth, Income Distribution and Political Economy Implications of Automation”Macroeconomics, Labor, Applied EconometricsManoj Atolia (chair), Mikhail Dmitriev, Jonathan Kreamer, Arash Fahim
Hanna Hoover (Michigan postdoc)“Nudges as Norms: Evidence from the NYC Taxi Cab IndustryBehavioral , Law and Economics, Applied Econometrics Erin Krupka (postdoc mentor), R. Mark Isaac, Carl Kitchens
Annalise Maillet“Pre-marital Examination Laws, Marriages and Syphilis Detection in the 20th century”Health Policy, Labor, Economic History Carl Kitchens (chair), Shawn Kantor, Luke P. Rodgers, Irene Padavic
Philip Solimine“Resource sharing on endogenous networks”Industrial Organization, Computational Economics, Experimental Economics, NetworksLuke Boosey (Co-Chair)
Matt Gentry (Co-Chair)
R. Mark Isaac
Cynthia Yang
Anke Meyer-Baese
Jeff WardEffects of Higher Education Funding with Heterogeneous Worker Types and School ChoiceMacroeconomics, Public, LaborMilt Marquis (chair)
Manoj Atolia,
Jonathan Kreamer, Alex Kercheval

Placement Director

Luke Boosey
Florida State University
Department of Economics
113 Collegiate Loop, Room BEL 269
P.O. Box 3062180
Tallahassee, FL 32306-2180