Placement Director

Dmitry Ryvkin
Florida State University
Department of Economics
113 Collegiate Loop, Room 267
P.O. Box 3062180
Tallahassee, FL 32306-2180

Phone: (850) 644-7209

2019-2020 Ph.D. Job Candidates

Name Dissertation Title Fields Committee
Jason Baron Essays in Economics of Education Economics of Education; Labor Economics; Public Finance Shawn Kantor (Chair), Carl Kitchens, Luke Rodgers, Anastasia Semykina
Christopher Brown Networks and Economic Behavior: Theory and Experiments Applied Microeconomic Theory; Networks; Experimental Economics; Behavioral Economics Svetlana Pevnitskaya (chair), Luke Boosey, Dmitry Ryvkin, Matthew Pietryka
Audrieanna Burgin Topics in Educational Attainment & Labor Outcomes Labor Economics, Economic Development, Urban & Regional Economics, The Economics of Education Patrick Mason (Dissertation Chairman), Anastasia Semikyna, Carl Schmertmann, Patrice Iatarola
Shuang Feng Essays on Sovereign Debt and Partial Default Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics, International Economics, Computational Methods, Applied Econometrics Manoj Atolia (chair), Mikhail Dmitriev, Milton Marquis; Alec Kercheval
Hanna Hoover Nudges and Identities: An Exploration in the Applications of Behavioral Economics Applied Microeconomics, Behavioral Economics, Economics of Crime Carl Kitchens (chair), Marc Isaac, Luke Rodgers, Luke Boosey, Mark Schlakman, Eric Coleman
Arthur Nelson Third-party deterrence in political contests Political Economy, Experimental Economics, Industrial Organization Dmitry Ryvkin (chair) R. Mark Isaac, Carl Kitchens, Jens Grosser
Alexander Usvitskiy Behavior in Dynamic Environments: Theory and Experiments Experimental Economics, Game Theory, Behavioral Economics, Microeconomics R. Mark Isaac (chair), Sebastian J. Goerg, Svetlana Pevnitskaya, Dmitry Ryvkin, Jens Grosser
Cullen Wallace Essays in Public Economics Public Economics, Economics of Education, Urban and Regional Economics Shawn Kantor (Chair), Carl Kitchens, Luke Rodgers, Anastasia Semykina, Tomi Gomory