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Financial Support

The Graduate Committee reviews all applications for admission to the Department and determines those that qualify for departmental fellowships or assistantships. Separate applications for these are not required. The initial round of offers for assistantships/fellowships typically goes out in mid-March, so it is best to have submitted a completed application for admission no later than 15 February. Applications completed after that date are considered for support on a funds-available basis.

University Fellowships

The Graduate School offers a number of University fellowships and grants. For a list of available awards, the application procedures and deadlines, see the Graduate Fellowships web site.

Department Fellowships and Graduate Assistantships

  • The deparment offers between 2 and 4 Charles G. Koch Graduate Fellowships per year to fund PhD students affiliated with the Study of Political Economy and Free Enterprise program. These fellowships have reduced duties relative to departmental teaching assistants, and are typically assigned as research or teaching assistants to SPEFE or EEE faculty.
  • Baugh Graduate Fellowship is also available to support outstanding applicants. There are no restrictions on eligibility based on the students fields of interest. This fellowship also has reduced duties relative to department teaching assistants.
  • The Department of Economics typically awards between 6 and 8 teaching assistantships to incoming students each year. All awards are made on the basis of academic achievement and professional development. A half-time assistantship carried a stipend of $20,333 during the 2014-2015 academic year (including summer).

Tuition Waivers

Department fellowships and graduate assistantships that are awarded to U.S. citizens include a waiver of resident (in-state) tuition.  When funds are available, a waiver of non-resident (out of state) tuition may be included. The total award for a fellowship or assistantship will be included on your letter of offer. To determine the amount of financial responsibility you will need as part of your I-20 process, please click on the link below: https://cge.fsu.edu/international-students/new-students/step-2-obtain-your-form-i-20 .

Duties of Graduate Assistants

  • Teaching Assistants (TAs)The Department believes that teaching experience is a valuable complement to academic training. Thus, students awarded teaching assistantships are assigned either to help with the large lecture sections of the principles courses or to teach small sections themselves. A teaching assistant attends class lectures; maintains office hours; and helps prepare, administer, and grade homework assignments and examinations. In addition, the assistant may be asked to lecture if the professor is temporarily unavailable or to hold discussion classes as the needs of the course might suggest. TAs with their own sections have responsibility for all phases of the course assignment; such positions typically are reserved for advanced graduate students.
  • Research Assistants (RAs)Research experience under the supervision of a faculty member is an important component in the development of a professional economist. To this end, a student appointed to a research assistantship participates in a project that the faculty member is undertaking. It is hoped that the relationship will develop to the point where the assistant and professor do joint research work. There is an extensive record of co-authored publication by our faculty and graduate students.

Duration of Support

Departmental policy normally limits financial support to a maximum of four years.  Support beyond that period is considered on an individual basis contingent on satisfactory academic progress and availability of funds. Departmental assistantships are typically renewed each year, contingent on satisfactory academic progress and satisfactory job performance.

Loan Possibilities

Graduate students may apply for long-term educational loans through several programs, and may also be eligible for Work-Study awards. For further information, contact the Office of Financial Aid, University Center, FSU, Tallahassee FL 32306-2430; (850) 644-0539.