Placement Director

Dmitry Ryvkin
Florida State University
Department of Economics
113 Collegiate Loop, Room 267
P.O. Box 3062180
Tallahassee, FL 32306-2180

Phone: (850) 644-7209

2018-2019 Candidates

Name FieldsDissertation Committee
Jian Cao Econometrics, Statistical Modeling, Large Data Analysis, Financial Economics Multiple Imputation Methods for Large Multi-Scale Data with Missing or Suppressed Values
  • Paul Beaumont (chair)
  • Javier Cano-Urbina
  • Stefan Norrbin
  • Dennis Duke
  • Giray Okten
Kevin Chiu Health Economics, Public Economics, Urban and Regional Economics The Impacts of Health Care Capital Controls on Health Outcomes and Regional Competition
  • Shawn Kantor (chair)
  • Carl Kitchens
  • Luke Rodgers
  • Keon-Hyung Lee
Shuang Feng International Macroeconomics, Financial and Monetary Economics, Applied Econometrics Essays on Sovereign Debt and Partial Default
  • Manoj Atolia (chair)
  • Mikhail Dmitriev
  • Milton Marquis
  • Alec Kercheval
James Freeland Urban Economics, Applied Econometrics Fiscal Implications for Florida of a Changing City Landscape
  • Randall Holcombe (chair)
  • Paul Beaumont
  • Anastasia Semykina
  • G. Stacy Sirmans
Hugo Montesinos Econometrics, Finance On Geography, Institutions, Human Capital and Economic Development
  • James Gwartney (co-chair)
  • Randall Holcombe (co-chair)
  • Keith Ihlanfeldt
  • Anastasia Semykina
  • Patricia Born
Graham Newell Open Economy Macroeconomics, Financial Economics, Computational Economics, Applied Econometrics Capital Flow Dynamics: Theory and Evidence
  • Manoj Atolia (chair)
  • Mikhail Dmitriev
  • Jonathan Kreamer
  • Alec Kercheval
Steven Pawlowski Law and Economics, Economics of Crime, Public Economics Police and Criminal Responses to Changes in Laws and Environment
  • Shawn Kantor (Chair)
  • Carl Kitchens
  • Anastasia Semykina
  • Victor Mesev
Alexander Usvitskiy Experimental Economics, Game Theory, Behavioral Economics, Microeconomics Behavior in Dynamic Environments: Theory and Experiments
  • R. Mark Isaac (chair)
  • Sebastian J. Goerg
  • Svetlana Pevnitskaya
  • Dmitry Ryvkin
  • Jens Grosser