Program Overview

The Master’s in Applied Economics Program is 30 credit hours and lasts one academic year, from FSU’s fall semester (August) through the end of the 12 week summer term (July).  Course work in the fall and spring prepares students to devote most of their summer term to the Applied Master’s Project.  The Applied Master’s Project is a simulated consulting project that students complete in teams and tackle from start to finish alongside their faculty senior partner. 

Fall Semester

ECO5114Applied Microeconomics I3 hours
ECO5420Applied Econometrics3 hours
ECO5417Suggested Elective: SAS for Economists3 hours
ECO5922Professional Development1 hour

Spring Semester

ECO5117Applied Microeconomics II3 hours
ECO5434Analysis of Economic Data3 hours
ECO5942Suggested Elective: Applied Economics Internship3 hours
ECO5466Data for Economists1 hour
ECO5922Professional Development1 hour

Summer Semester

ECO5973Applied Master’s Project6 hours
Elective3 hours

Other Electives

ECO5936Special Topics: Machine Learning3 hours
ECO5936Special Topics: Financial Economics3 hours
ISM5206Database Development and Management3 hours
ISM5404Business Intelligence3 hours
ISM5419Data Visualization3 hours
ISM5644Programming for Analytics3 hours

In addition to their regular course work, students can take workshops with or sit for the SAS Certification exam.