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Mariah Kill

Class of 2020
Applied Economist
University of West Florida Haas Center in Tallahassee, FL

I graduated at a weird time since COVID hit halfway through our school year. I was a bit anxious about finding a job when so many people were losing theirs, but the program had steady postings coming in and this one appealed the most. It was a short term, remote position with benefits, which seemed ideal for someone uncertain of the next step. Initially, they hired me as a temporary economist. The job was supposed to be a 6 month position –  August marks one year that I’ve been with the University West Florida Haas Center. 

I didn’t expect to have the opportunity to stick around past the expected timeframe, but I’ve grown so much as an individual and a project leader at the UWF Haas Center. Subsequently, they are promoting me to a salaried position with additional benefits. My new job title will become Senior Statistician. I enjoy mentoring our interns and feeling like I can pass knowledge down to the next generation. 

A typical day for me is anything from constant meetings, to an entire day of research. I have a broad range of skills, so I’m involved with projects from start to finish. Data collection, Tableau visualization, analysis/report writing, presenting, teaching interns and so on. The various projects I get to work on keep me from feeling bored. 

I plan to continue to grow with The UWF Haas Center for the time being. It has offered me a lot of opportunity, independence and experience that is invaluable to my advancement in the field. I’m uncertain of the next step, but I know the program has paved a great beginning for an even better future