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Kyle Baltuch

Class of 2015
Senior Vice President Equality of Opportunity
Florida Chamber of Commerce Foundation in Tallahassee, FL

Florida State University’s Master’s in Applied Economics Program open the door to a career trajectory that otherwise would not have been possible.

In my current role as Senior Vice President, overseeing the Florida Equality of Opportunity Initiative at the Florida Chamber Foundation, I am responsible for leading America’s first comprehensive, Chamber-led approach that works to ensure everyone in Florida has an equal opportunity at earned success, regardless of the circumstances one was born into. Within the Florida Equality of Opportunity Initiative, there are three state-wide projects, each aimed at addressing different challenge points one may face throughout their life. The three projects are;

  • The Florida Prosperity Project: Creating a path to prosperity for all children in Florida by addressing the root causes of poverty for every child, in every ZIP code,
  • The Florida Business Alliance for Early Learning Project: Tackling the barriers Florida’s children face as they seek a quality early childhood education and 3rd grade reading skills, and
  • The Florida Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Project: Championing Florida’s best workplace practices on diversity, equity, & inclusion, in an effort to make them Florida’s standard practices.

Through years of research and data analysis, the Florida Chamber Foundation has begun identifying the zip codes in Florida that face the greatest challenges in these key areas, and has begun working with private, public, and non-profit sector partners to align efforts and resources to ensure the delivery highly effective interventions that are tailored to the specific challenges individuals in a zip code may face.

To this day, I use the core skills taught in the Masters in Applied Economics Program in my course of work every day. For example, the Professional Development course taught as part of the program helped prepare me for the dynamics managing teams, the advanced economics and analytics courses taught me how to view challenges through a different lens and apply analysis to build data informed decisions, and the capstone project helped sharpen my skills in the area of team work and project management.

I can honestly say, I would not have been afforded the opportunities I have been so fortunate to have throughout my career, if it weren’t for the Masters in Applied Economics program. For those looking to differentiate themselves in the job market, and garner invaluable skills that can applied throughout their career, I would highly recommend Florida State University’s Masters in Applied Economics program.