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Keith Leslie

Class of 2014
Director, Talent & Organizational Development
Softcrylic in Atlanta, GA

During my career, I have worked as an analyst across various industries including marketing, building materials, air travel, weather, and food & drink. Across those industries, I have worked with divisions that use data to solve problems that differ wildly: sales & marketing, logistics, supply chain, and HR. The Master’s in Applied Economics Program at FSU provides an excellent foundation for such a career. The coursework requires students to regularly work with & derive insights from raw data in order to provide recommended solutions & courses of action. Students then have to present these solutions & recommendations to audiences, which is what they will be doing time and again throughout their careers.

In my current role as Director of Talent and Organizational Development at Softcrylic, I am responsible for our company’s recruiting efforts. I am always looking for candidates who have promising and/or proven technical and problem-solving abilities. Graduates of this Master’s program are my ideal candidate, and Softcrylic has hired multiple graduates of this program each year since 2018. The Master’s in Applied Economics program at FSU has been critical to my career success and has helped our organization grow year after year.