Svetlana Pevnitskaya


Svetlana Pevnitskaya is an Associate Professor at the Department of Economics at Florida State University (FSU). Her general research interests are in the areas of applied microeconomic theory and experimental economics with main focus on studying individual decision-making in markets and other strategic environments. In her papers on auctions Professor Pevnitskaya’s work includes modeling endogenous entry when bidders have heterogeneous risk preferences, analysis of novel mechanisms such as survival auction and indicative bidding; investigation of behavior in various environments for example when there is uncertainty about the number of participants or when bidders have charity preferences. In other projects she investigates the effect of learning, rewards and punishment on strategic behavior, the effect of beliefs on decision making and dynamic games with a public bad. Professor Pevnitskaya holds PhD in Economics from University of Southern California and worked at Caltech and Ohio State University prior to joining FSU in 2005.


Ph.D. – Economics (University of Southern California)

Svetlana Pevnitskaya

Associate Professor

Bellamy 270