Manoj Atolia


Ph.D. in Economics from Indiana University M.A. in Mathematics from Indiana University

Manoj Atolia is an Associate Professor of Economics and joined us in 2004 after receiving his PhD. in Economics and M.A. in Mathematics from Indiana University. While being here, he has also served as a consultant to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization. His areas of interest include development and international economics with an emphasis on the analysis of economic reforms and government policy in developing countries. His past and current research has included the study of the impact of trade liberalization on wage inequality and infrastructure provision, the explanation of consumption boom associated with the exchange-rate-based stabilization programs, and the investigation of the effect of economic reforms on risk-taking and the price of non-traded goods, such as real estate. He has also developed numerical techniques for finding the true nonlinear solution to the perfect foresight models that allow an accurate analysis of economic reforms in developing economies. His recent research shows that the use of approximation methods for such an analysis can be misleading as these countries are typically subject to large shocks. Recently, Dr. Atolia has started exploring the link between economic growth, globalization, and income and wealth inequality. In addition, he is interested in the aggregate implications of the heterogeneity and interactions at the microeconomic level, in particular, of the firm-level heterogeneity for the international transmission of shocks.

Manoj Atolia

Bernard F. Sliger Professor

Bellamy 229