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    Meet our 2023-2024 Ph.D. Job Market Candidates

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    MAEP Career Day

    The Master’s in Applied Economics program hosts a Career Day each fall and spring as part of the Professional Development Course. Career Day consists of a networking lunch, mock interviews, a panel discussion, and a reception.

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Welcome to the Department of Economics

at Florida State University

32 full time faculty | 2 Graduate Programs | Over 250 doctoral students since 1967

The Department of Economics is the largest department in the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy. We are located on the second floor of the south wing of the Bellamy Building. We have 32 full time faculty and an active research program. At the undergraduate level, we offer an economics major, economics minor, as well as several specialized studies programs. At the graduate level, we offer both an MS program and a PhD program. Our MS program has a strong applied focus and is designed to be completed in twelve months. Our PhD program is arguably the most comprehensive in the State of Florida and has graduated over 250 doctoral students since 1967.

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