Real Estate and Economic Development

“DURP taught me how to work in a professional capacity before I started my career.” 

– Kayla Costello, Class of 2016


Kerry Fang
Minjee Kim


Real Estate and Economic Development specialization focuses on the ways in which public sector interventions and planning strategies can be leveraged to attract private investment for responsible and equitable economic development. We aspire to develop and implement economic development strategies that will enhance the quality of life for existing and future community members.

Students in this specialization will learn:

  • the knowledge and skill set to pursue a career as planners, policy advisors, and economic developers to help communities create jobs, attract businesses and encourage innovation and entrepreneurship by cultivating social capital;
  • the fundamentals of land development and how to use this knowledge to encourage developments that are socially responsible, such as affordable and workforce housing and compact mixed-use projects;
  • the art and science of deal-making in public/private partnership, community-driven, and private real estate development projects to maximize the benefit to the public;
  • how to conduct planning needs analyses, formulate evidence-based economic and housing development strategies, and tailor those strategies under different political and cultural settings;
  • how to work collaboratively with land use, transportation, and environmental planning specialists to advance local real estate and economic development.

These knowledge and skill sets will be applicable in both domestic and international settings, preparing students for a wide range of rewarding career trajectories in the global job market.

Required Courses

  • URP 5540 Economic Development
  • URP 5547 Economics of Real Estate Development

Students are also required to take one of the following courses:

  • URP 5312 Growth Management
  • URP 5543 Public-Private Development
  • URP 5731 Planning of Community Infrastructure
  • URP 5873 Site Design and Land-Use Analysis
  • URP 5939 Urban Planning and Real Estate Development
  • URP 5939 Zoning for Equity
  • URP 5940 Economic Development Practicum

Prospective students should contact the department’s Academic Program Specialist for more information about the real estate and economic development specialization.