Kelly Kinahan


My research examines the relationships between historic preservation planning, housing, and community development. I am interested in understanding how policies governing the built environment shape neighborhood-level inequalities and affect marginalized populations. My research explores the connections between historic preservation and neighborhood change processes, devoting particular attention to gentrification and housing affordability. I also work on co-producing community-engaged scholarship related to housing affordability, displacement, evictions, and unhoused populations, towards fostering policy changes that advance racial and social justice.


Ph.D., Urban Studies & Public Affairs, Cleveland State University, 2016.
MURP, Urban and Regional Planning, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2008
BA, Historic Preservation, Mary Washington College, 2004.

Selected Publications

Kinahan, Kelly L. and Sarah Mawhorter. (2021). “Tensions between demolition and preservation in Philadelphia.” Journal of Planning Education & Research.

Kinahan, Kelly L. and Stephanie Ryberg-Webster. (2021). “Reviving Cleveland’s Commercial Corridors: Analyzing the Storefront Renovation Program, 1983-2016.” Journal of Urban Affairs.

Kinahan, Kelly L. (2021). “Spatial-temporal Neighborhood Patterns in Four Legacy Cities.” Urban Affairs Review, 57(2) 492-526.

Kinahan, Kelly L. and Matthew H. Ruther. (2020). “Uncovering the Relationship between Historic Districts and Same-Sex Households.” Journal of the American Planning Association, 86(4), 481-494.

Kinahan, Kelly L. (2019). “The neighborhood effects of federal historic rehabilitation tax credit investments in six legacy cities.” Housing Policy Debate, 29(1) 166-180.

Kinahan, Kelly L. (2019). “Historic preservation as a community development tool in legacy city neighbourhoods.” Community Development Journal, 54(4), 581-604.

Ryberg-Webster, Stephanie and Kelly L. Kinahan. (2017). “Historic preservation in declining city neighbourhoods: Analysing rehabilitation tax credit investments in six US cities.” Urban Studies, 54(7), 1673-1691.

Kinahan, Kelly L. (2017). “Collections of industrial and product design: A pathway for improved economic development connections among cultural institutions.” International Journal of Cultural Policy, 23(3), 372-389.

Kinahan, Kelly L. (2016). “Design-based economic development: Understanding the role of cultural institutions and collections of industrial and product design.” Economic Development Quarterly, 30(4), 329-341.

Ryberg-Webster, Stephanie and Kelly Kinahan. (2014). “Historic preservation & urban revitalization in the 21st century.” Journal of Planning Literature, 29(2), 119-139.

Kelly Kinahan

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