Apply to FSU DURP

“Looking back at my time at FSU, I can tell you that the classes that I have taken at DURP are VERY relevant to my day to day practice. – Jorge Puente, Class of 2018

The Department of Urban and Regional Planning (DURP) at Florida State University offers graduate programs at the master’s (Master of Science in Planning) and doctoral (Doctor of Philosophy) levels. The department also offers joint master’s degree programs with Demography, International Affairs, Law, Public Administration, and Public Health. Students interested in these joint degree programs apply simultaneously to DURP and the partner department.

The purpose of the admissions process is to judge the applicant’s basic intellectual resources, motivations for seeking the degree, probability of successfully completing the program, and the appropriateness of the Department’s faculty and course offerings to the student’s program and career interests.

The required materials that must be submitted to apply for any planning program at the Florida State University are:

  • University Graduate Application Form All applicants must submit an application online by starting at the University’s Online Graduate Admissions website.
  • Transcripts of all Prior University Course Work. All applicants should have official copies mailed directly to the University Office of Admissions. International applicants may be required to provide certified translations of their transcripts and degree certificates with certified translations.
  • GRE scores (including the analytic writing score). All applicants should have official scores mailed directly to the University Office of Admissions.
  • Letters of Recommendation via the University Graduate Application Form These recommendations should come from instructors who can speak to your performance as a student and your ability to complete graduate-level coursework.
    • Master’s level applicants should submit 2 letters
    • Doctoral level applicants should submit 3 letters
  • The Department’s Supplemental Form for MSP or PhD Applications as applicable. This is a WORD document that should be saved to your computer, completed, and then submitted online via the University’s Online Graduate Admissions website. To submit this document, go to the “Supporting Documents” section of the University’s Graduate Admissions website and upload your completed form under “Document 1” in this section. Joint Degree programapplicants should note the joint degree program they intend to pursue on the Supplemental Form for MSP Applications.

Applicants to any joint program must also submit any additional documents required by the partner program as well.
International applicants also are required to submit:

TOEFL scores (required only of international applicants whose native language is not English and who have not received a degree from a college or university in an English-speaking nation). Other English proficiency examinations that are accepted: the IELTS, MELAB and PTE examinations. Official scores should be sent directly to the University Office of Admissions. University minimum scores may be found at FSU’s International Admissions page.

If you have any questions about the application materials or admissions process, please contact the Susan Taylor at