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Building Healthy Communities

"DURP is one of just a few programs whose graduates consistently... practice good discernment and understand the relationships and politics that infuse every day of a planner’s work." – Sara Dechter, Class of 2004


Christopher Coutts


This specialty reflects the recent resurgence of interest in what civic stakeholders, local communities, and global society are doing to ensure that urban and urbanizing landscapes are healthy and desirable places. The way a community is planned--its land development patterns, transportation and housing options, or community design--plays an important role in shaping the health of those living there.

Required Courses

  • URP 5521 Public Health Epidemiology
  • URP 5525 Health Behavior and Education
Choose at least 1 of the following:
  • URP 5350 Pedestrian Communities
  • URP 5445 Climate Change and Community Resilience
  • URP 5610 Introduction to Development Planning
  • URP 5805 Multicultural Urbanism

Prospective students should contact the department’s Academic Program Specialist for more information about the planning for community health specialization. Current students should consult the graduate student handbook for more details about specialization and degree requirements.

Employment Placements

Preparedness Planner, Desoto County Health Department
Relief worker, South Sudan, Africa
Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator, South Florida
City Planning Department, Tallahassee, Florida

Specialization Research at FSU

The thrust of Prof Coutts's biophilic epidemiology research is aimed at examining the role of green infrastructure in supporting human wealth and well-being. Learn more here.