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Land Use and Comprehensive Planning

"My time at DURP helped me better understand the processes, policies, and interests of state and local governments which allows me to assist clients through complex negotiations." – Thane Hutcheson, Class of 2015


Tisha Holmes
Kerry Fang
Minjee Kim

Land Use and Comprehensive Planning

The Land Use and Comprehensive Planning specialization focuses on the development and implementation of policies to manage the location, timing, type, and density/intensity of land development. The land development process consists of three types of activities that need to be coordinated if desirable development outcomes are to be achieved. The private market system provides much of the motivation, incentives, and capital of the development process. The public sector regulates development in order to prevent land use conflicts and to help ensure that the location, type, density/intensity, and timing of development are consistent with public policy goals and the ability of land and public facilities to support development. The public sector also acts as a stimulant to private development through the construction of roads, schools, sewer and water systems, and other facilities that are necessary for land development. The specialization is concerned with how well these three functions are carried out and coordinated in order to improve the outcomes of the city building process. There is a special focus on the range of policy solutions implemented by government in the past, the methods of evaluating the need for policy solutions, and the methods for designing policy and implementation strategies.

Required Courses

  • URP 5312 Perspectives and Issues of Comprehensive Planning and Growth Management
  • URP 5316 Land Use Planning
Students must also take one of the following courses:
  • URP 5540 Economic Development
  • URP 5716 Transportation and Land Use
  • URP 5731 Planning of Community Infrastructure
  • URP 5939 Public Private Development
  • URP 5939 Urban Planning and Real Estate Development

Prospective students should contact the department’s Academic Program Specialist for more information about the land use and comprehensive planning specialization. Current students should consult the graduate student handbook for more details about specialization and degree requirements.

Employment Placements

Recent placements of graduates of the program that specialized in Land Use and Comprehensive Planning include:

  • Florida Department of Economic Opportunity
  • Florida Division of Emergency Management
  • Florida Department of Transportation
  • URS Corporation
  • Renaissance Planning Group
  • City of Monroe, North Carolina
  • Greenburg-Traurig Law Firm
  • Real Estate Research Consultants, Orlando, FL
  • Leon County, FL Planning Department
  • Escambia County, FL Planning Department
  • Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council
  • SW Georgia Regional Development

Specialization Research at FSU

Faculty research in this area has focused upon an assessment of state and local efforts at managing growth, with an emphasis upon these efforts Florida. Key publications and research efforts are highlighted below.