2022-2023 Donor Honor Roll

From July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023, the College received new gifts and commitments from our generous alumni and friends totaling $7,804,818. These included two new estate gifts that were documented and multiple pledges and cash gifts that have greatly benefited multiple areas of the College.

Please find our list of 2022-2023 donors below. If you would like to become a donor today, you can make a gift by visiting give.fsu.edu/cosspp. Or if you would prefer, you may contact our Senior Director of Development Katherine Cline Ashler to discuss making a gift at kcline@foundation.fsu.edu or by calling 850-294-3343.

Thank you to each of our generous donors whose gifts will impact the lives of our students, faculty, staff, and the communities they reach. Your philanthropy makes it possible for us to provide opportunities for students that cannot be covered by State of Florida funds. The College uses private contributions to deliver programming under the College’s Get More Than a Degree initiative that supports student intellectual growth and professional development opportunities for students.

Planned Gifts

The College received two transformational gifts from Patricia Yancey Martin, Ph.D., and Michael C. Romanos, Ph.D., in the past year. 

These visionary alumni are supporting students and faculty through their documented estate gifts and providing a way for others to see different giving vehicles to support the College. 

Dr. Martin’s gift will establish the Patricia Yancey Martin Chair within the Department of Sociology which will support a faculty member whose principal academic and research interests are focused on the sociological, political and economic aspects of gender. 

Dr. Romanos’ gift will provide support to the Department of Urban and Regional Planning for graduate student and field research. 

Major Gift Pledges

Bruce and Melanie McNeilage established the Bruce W. McNeilage Endowed Scholarship to support an undergraduate student majoring in Economics with preference being given to the children of single-parent families. 

They generously made a cash gift to that initiative to allow the College to begin awarding the scholarship while the endowment matures.  

Additional Gifts to Existing Endowments

Colonel (R) Perry E. Anthony, Ph.D., and Mrs. Teresa K. Anthony
Monsignor William A. Kerr Intercultural Education & Dialogue Initiative Endowment Fund

Stephen P. Brunetti and the Brunetti Foundation
Stephen P. Brunetti Family Fund 

Jorge and Pamela Gonzalez
Jorge L. and Pamela M. Gonzalez Scholarship Endowment in Social Sciences 

Timothy Gunning, Ph.D.
Thomas S. McCaleb Scholarship Endowment Fund 

Ronald and Ruth Hedge
Ronald and Ruth Hedge Scholarship Fund 

Thomas M. Henderson
Henderson Endowed Professorship and Political Science General Development Fund

Carolyn Herrington, Ph.D., and Bob Bradley, Ph.D.
Askew School of Public Administration and Policy

The Hurlburt Foundation, Inc., and Michael H. Kline, Jr.
Michael H. Kline Endowed Fund for Excellence in International Affairs 

Jake and Jackie Jacoby
Alumni Graduate Scholarship Fund in Public Administration and Policy

Robert and Ashley F. Johnson
World Affairs Program Endowment

Nancy D. Joyner, Ph.D.
Richard B. Gray Scholarship

The Kaul Foundation
Ralph Kaul Endowment in Applied Economics

David and Emily Lane
Jay Johnson and David Lane Family Fund

Reva D. Metzinger Charitable Foundation
Reva Daniels Metzinger Endowed Scholarships in Economics 

Gene and Julie Moran
Gene and Julie Moran Scholarship Fund

Charles B. Nam, Ph.D.
Charles B. Nam Professorship in Sociology of Population

Dianne Piette
Dr. Michael J. Piette Graduate Scholarship Endowment Fund

Betty Serow, Ph.D.
William J. Serow Endowed Professorship

Julia Smith
Richard A. Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund

Murray and Luisa Stokely
Monica Stokely Memorial Endowment Fund

James B. Taylor
Social Sciences General Development Fund

Marjorie R. Turnbull
Marjorie R. Turnbull Social Science Scholars Endowment Fund 

Christopher and Kimberli O. Willis
College of Social Sciences and Public Policy Endowment Fund

Roger Wilson
Joseph P. Cresse Ethics in Government Distinguished Lecture Series and Educational Endowment Fund

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New Non-endowed Cash Gifts of $5,000 and above

Charles Haworth and the Haworth Foundation
Charles Haworth Awards for Student Veterans Program

Charles Koch Foundation
Political Science General Development Fund & L. Charles Hilton Jr. Center for the Study of Economic Prosperity

Rapoport Family Foundation
RFF Summer Collaborative Grant

Lynda Keever and Bill Eshenbaugh
MAAPP Program, Political Science General Development Fund, & Research Intensive Bachelor’s Certificate program  

Charles B. Nam, Ph.D.
Sociology General Development Fund 

American Political Science Association
Political Science General Development Fund 

Eric Gaier, Ph.D. and Miranda Gaier
Social Sciences General Development Fund 

David and Rebecca Bibb
Geography Department 

Jim and Loretta Bowman
Askew School of Public Administration and Policy 

Institute For Humane Studies Rule of Law Workshop in Political Science 

Stephen R. MacNamara, P.A.
Social Sciences General Development Fund 

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Unconquered by Debt

This year seven donors provided $25,189 to support this special program at the Gus A. Stavros Center for the Advancement of Free Enterprise and Economic Education at Florida State University.

We are so grateful for the support of:

  • Christopher E. Iansiti and Michael A. Fornaro
  • Craig and Mitzi Lynch
  • Craig and Amy L. Saxner
  • Gus A. Stavros, Ph.D.
  • Ben and Heather Storey
  • Ed and Teresa M. Sutton

DeVoe L. Moore Center

The DeVoe L. Moore Center for the Study of Critical Issues in Economic Policy and Government received additional funding of $100,000 for student experiential learning from:

  • Reason Foundation
  • Florida Policy Institute
  • Charles Koch Foundation

Social Science Scholars

The following donors gave $47,545 to help sponsor our College’s Social Science Scholars program, which provides exceptional undergraduates with career-accelerating leadership training and experiences.

  • Professor Florence Ashby
  • Colonel (R) Lettie Bien and David Schmitt
  • Roger D. Blevins
  • Steven and Amy Clein
  • The Sol Cohn Foundation
  • Carire D. Donaldson
  • Craig and Carolyn Engler
  • Scott B. and Pamela Feldman
  • Eric Gaier, Ph.D. and Miranda Gaier
  • Earl Godwin, M.D. and Joyce Godwin
  • Glen and Jamie Hallowell
  • Lynda Keever and William Eshenbaugh
  • Colonel (R) Jane S. Love
  • Kathy Miranowic
  • LTC Kenneth W. and Ginger O’Reilly
  • Bobby J. and Alicia Pittman, Jr.
  • Beverly A. Reid, Randy and Sheri Ringpfiel
  • Richard T. Rose, Jr.
  • Catie S. Santamaria
  • Mohammed D. Shahidullah, Ph.D.
  • Thomas and Shirley Wells 

Additional support for the Social Science Scholars was also provided by the following funds.

  • Marie E. Cowart Social Sciences
    Scholars Endowment
  • Fred C. and Helen D. Flipse Endowment
  • Michael Heatter Memorial Social Sciences
    Scholars Endowment
  • David W. Rasmussen Scholarship Endowment Fund

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