2021-2022 Donor Honor Roll

From July 1, 2021, through June 30, 2022, the College received new gifts and commitments totaling $3,497,058. Of that total, our generous alumni and friends gave $1,231,143 in cash or securities, $461,040 in new pledges, and $1,804,875 in bequests and other planned gifts.

Please find our list of 2021-2022 donors below. If you would like to become a donor today, you can make a gift by visiting give.fsu.edu/cosspp. Or if you would prefer, you may contact our Alumni Engagement Coordinator Elizabeth Jones at ejones11@fsu.edu.

Thank you to each of our generous donors whose gifts will impact the lives of our students, faculty, and staff, and the communities they reach.

$100,000 and Above

Donors Trust, Inc.
Richard B. Gray*
Thomas M. Henderson
The Kaul Foundation
Charles Koch Foundation

$50,000 to $99,999

Ruth B. and Walter E. Cates
Dewi S. and Jay B. Johnson
Elizabeth G. Serow

$25,000 to $49,999

Apgar Foundation, Inc.
Marshall S. Cohn
Marie E. Cowart
FSU Line Dance
Charles T. and Sylvia E. Haworth
Lynda Keever and William Eshenbaugh
Charles B. Nam
James B. Taylor / Bessemer Trust Company

$10,000 to $24,999

Mark P. and Marianne E. Barnebey
Brunetti Foundation
Kimberly B. and Mark C. Campbell
Eric M. and Miranda J. Gaier
Ernst & Young Foundation
Jorge L. and Pamela M. Gonzalez
Timothy S. Gunning
LeRoy J. and Jacquelyn P. Jacoby
Mercatus Center at George Mason University
Moore Charitable Foundation
Eugene F. Moran and Julia M. Moran
Bobby J. Pittman
Reason Foundation
Angela M. and Michael J. Santone
Jason D. and Lauren M. Sato
Julia B. Smith
Murray M. Stokely
Stephen R. MacNamara and Liberty E. Taylor
Marjorie R. Turnbull

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$5,000 to $9,999

Florence H. Ashby
David L. and Rebecca T. Bibb
Stephen T. and Yvonne T. Brown
Steven M. and Amy K. Clein
Sol Cohn Foundation
C. Raymond Cottrell
Thomas M. and M. Eileen Culligan
Thomas R. and Joan G. Dye
Joyce A. and Earl R. Godwin
Travis A. Hadwin
Ethan Johnson
David B. and Emily M. Lane
Daniel and Stacey M. Lansman
Rosemary M. Magee / Grapevine Magee Trust
Christian J. and Betsy A. Miller
Dianne L. Piette
Patrick D. and Sherry H. Sargent
Robert K. and Lynn M. Shoemaker
Gus A. and Frances* L. Stavros
Joseph B. and Heather M. Storey
Teresa M. and Wallace E. Sutton

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$1,000 to $4,999

Les and Ruth Akers
James H. and Ruth A. Alexander
Ripple J. and John P. Alkire
Perry E. and Teresa K. Anthony
J. Keith and Maureen D. Arnold
Adam E. and Bethany Babington
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
James S. Bartholomew
Brian D. and Aimee E. Berger
William D. and Frances S. Berry
Wiatt F. Bowers
James R. Brooks
Gregory S. and Stephanie W. Burge
Joseph P. Calhoun
Christopher J. and Renee’ N. Canazaro
William and Christine Lung Caslow
Timothy S. Chapin
Julian S. P. Clayton
William E. and Barbara S. Coen
Jesse M. and Gloria P. Colvin
Paul D. Cook
Nicole D. and Frank Coto
Joshua D. Curry
Anthony E. DeNapoli
Scott B. and Pamela J. Feldman
David L. and Kara Fentress
David A. and Serena B. Finn
Gary M. and Ellen F. R. Fournier
Sean T. and Jennifer L. Garner
Ruth W. Godfrey-Sigler
Jo Ann M. Gooding
Frank A. and Chris C. Hall
Tom Haney and Wendy Walker
John J. and Sharon P. Harris
Cindy and William E. Harris
Kenneth R. Hart
Haworth Foundation, Inc.
Ronald A. and Ruth A. Hedge
Andrew J. Helfan
Rodney E. and Kathryn S. Hero
Mark and Nan Casper Hillis
Darrin K. and Sabrina M. Holloman
Robert A. and Dawn G. Hummer
Christopher E. Iansiti and Michael A. Fornaro
Nancy D. Joyner
Michael J. Kelley
Raymond G. and Patrice E. Kerr
Christi A. and Jeff Lawson
Sandra R. and William B. Longworth
Jane S. Love
Michelle M. Mattox
Nancy and Richard D. McKay
Lee K. Metcalf
Deborah A. and Allen Mosler
Alejandro and Adriana R. Munoz
Bennett E. Napier
New York Life Foundation
Jonathan Novak
Michael J. and Nancy N. O’Farrell
James D. Orcutt and Annette M. Schwabe
Irene Padavic
Nigel O. Parkinson
Adriane I. and Kyle E. Patmagrian Evans
Darryl and Marilyn S. Paulson
David A. Picard
Mary Anne Price
David M. and Jill S. Quadagno
George S. and Clyda S. Rent
Robert E. and Lenore M. Rice
Kyle and Becky Riva
Catherine S. Santamaria
David G. and Winifred H. Schmeling
William G. and Paula P. Smith
Caroline L. and Douglas L. Smith
Michael G. Stephens
Gary A. and Barbara A. Stilwell
Jeffrey A. and Agnes F. Stoops
James P. Sweeney
John R. Taylor and Cynthia Tie
Miles Taylor
Marvin Thurston
U.S. Bank Foundation
George L. and Harriet I. Waas
William G. and Carol S. Weissert
Michael L. Williams
Roger H. Wilson

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$500 to $999

AbbVie Employee Engagement Fund
JoAnn B. Ballenger
Charles J. and Christine Barrilleaux
Christopher W. and Kristen L. Bates
Richard P. Benson
Edward L. and Claire L. Brown
William G. and Heidi L. Capko
Woody Carlson
Kyle Cassal
Ricky B. Davis
Sara E. Dechter
Brandon S. Dees
David C. and Denise M. Du Bois
Mary Frances and Gordon H. Foster
Howard A. Frank
Paul E. and Melissa G. Franklin
Daniel M. and Sareen S. Gropper
Brian C. Hedge and Danielle E. Hale
David F. and Susan M. Holmes
Joseph D. Howell
Ryan W. and Erin J. Hoyle
Leonora W. and Troy D. Irwin
Anthony M. and Mallen E. Komlyn
Robert A. and Tracy S. Lawson
Lockheed Martin University Matching Gifts
James E. and Cathy H. Long
John M. and Shari K. Lusk
Andres M. Masferrer
Javier E. Masferrer
Collin D. McCarter
Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner & Smith, Inc.
Cindy M. Michelson
Alexander R. and Michelle G. Mullineaux
Carl J. Nelson
Katherine A. O’Donniley
Brian F. Osterhout
Sean Pittman
Michael C. and Hope B. Poland
Anthony F. and Kelly G. Prieto
Jeff J. and Ann E. Reed
Richard T. Rose
Edward A. Schafer
Scott K. Smedley
Anthony J. and Tracie L. Snipes
Jesse W. Solomon
Laura D. Speake and Andres Naranjo
David B. and Neri M. Stall
Jay F. Steele
Betty J. Steffens
Ava R. Stelmack
James R. and Lucille A. Swanson
John R. Teague and Jennifer L. Troyer
William E. and Anne M. Travis
Allison S. Trulock
Wyman R. and Rosanne Wade
Eliot Wigginton
Greta S. and William J. Williamson
Charles H. and Rachel F. Wilson
Richard C. Wilt and Marianne M. Wilt
Susan A. Yelton

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$250 to $499

Giselle Alfonso
Beverly A. and Nick H. Baccala
Myrtle L. Bailey
James A. Bailey
Anthony K. Bawidamann
Daniel L. Bennett
Roger D. Blevins
Ken Boutwell
Byron K. and Dorothy M. Burnsed
Ethel B. Cleare
Charles W. and Frances A. Conaway
Kathryn P. Crespin
Michael A. and Jenny H. Crowley
Aaron Daviet
Julie Davis and George Davis
William M. DeGrove
Emerson Matching Gifts Program
Florida Power & Light Company
Andrea E. Friedlander
William B. Fuqua
Donn R. Githens
Tonya A. Harris
Charles E. Hollis and Sandra L. Warren
Rex A. and Shannon L. Hurley
Ryan M. Hurst
Paul J. Lopatto and Susan J. Cobert-Lopatto
Craig T. and Mitzi C. Lynch
Thomas E. and Janice A. Mallia
Mark A. Massaroni
Thomas S. and Lynda M. McCaleb
Scott G. Minos
Kathy Miranowic
Harold W. and Dorothy S. Olson
Helen Y. and Dustin C. Paulson
Laura L. and Gaylon T. Peters
Sue G. Preece
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Ramona L. Quillet
James R. Ratliff
Michael C. Romanos and Carla M. Chifos-Romanos
Henry L. and Carol R. Rosen
Alan D. and Karen L. Rowan
David J. Russell
J. David and Robin G. Sheppard
Brian C. Smith
Jeffrey E. and Diane M. Soukup
Eileen F. Sperl-Hawkins and Christopher J. Hawkins
Laurie A. and John Svec
Christopher M. and Pat A. Teaf
Cyntrice Thomas
Charlene V. Thompson
Kathryn H. and Stuart Tillman
Jonathan C. Trimble
Koji Ueno
Ryan F. Ward
Frances D. Westbrook
Richard W. Wichmann
Craig A. and Carol A. Winger

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$100 to $249

Norma S. and Sam H. Adams
Todd and Jill G. Adams
Christine A. Anchia
Bruce F. and Nancy Andersen
Peter K. Anderson
Mary C. Anger
David A. Austin
William H. and Jane H. Bailey
Marissa D. Balboni
Earlene V. Bannister
Anne E. Barrett
Julia G. Beasley
Tatiana-rose R. Becker
Glenn W. and Mary S. Berman
Robyn C. and Frank T. Bethany
Lindsey N. Bisland
Rolf K. Blank
Steven E. and Elizabeth H. Blaschka
Marc C. and Peggy L. Blumenthal
James A. and Donna L. Bouterse
Joseph Bowman
Daniel T. Boyle
Oscar J. and Melissa Braynon
Kevin S. and Olga S. Brittain
David L. and Carol G. Brittain
Seth J. Bronson
Chandler T. Brooks
Stephen N. and Darlyne W. Bryant
Joanne A. and David H. Bryant
Danielle M. Cabansay
Shelly S. and William W. Caldwell
Mark S. and Susan E. Canning
Stacey C. and Michael L. Cannington
Ashley N. Cantor
Marilyn R. Capps
Dawn C. Carr
Patricia L. Cash
Colleen M. Castille and Jessie D. Bostick
Barbara W. Center
Derrick L. Claye
James H. Cobbe
Mary B. and David K. Coburn
John K. Cockburn
Chad G. Colby
Carol J. Cooper
Vaneese L. Cope
Maria D. L. Coss
Thomas A. Couch
Jacob T. and Terin B. Cremer
Tilden J. Curry
Sachi G. and Shefali S. Dastidar
Santanu K. and Nixola A. Datta
Hugh L. and Martha R. Davis
Peter J. and Christine L. Deitrick Crowley
Gary A. and Heather DeLapp
Cynthia A. Dillman
Michael P. and Linda H. Dodson
Kevin J. Donovan
Dow Chemical Company
Charles W. and Donna L. Dowse
Reid J. Drapp and Shaleiah P. Fox
Dropbox Matching Gifts
Michael B. and Jane A. Dunn
Tyler G. Dunne
Kyle W. and Stacy P. Eiselstein
Svetoslava C. and James B. Elsner
Katherine A. Emrich
Alexander C. Enriquez
Christina and John R. Everton-Cappa
Kathryn L. Fanning
Denvil E. Farley
John D. Fields
Mark F. and Anne L. Foelker
Kevin P. Forte
James A. Freeman
Eric S. and Andrea K. Friall
Julia E. Garraway
Bruce A. and Rebecca A. Geanaros
Katherine L. Glasgow
Barbara M. Gomez
Brad T. and Angelle C. Gomez
DeAnna L. Gore
Ronald and Lorraine Gousman
Angela D. and Bret C. Gray
Dante G. Grieco
Edward J. and Kathy R. Grunewald
Victor M. Halbach
Joshua C. Hall
Thomas D. and Pamela U. Hall
Gerry Hammond
Terry J. Hansen and Wendy S. Loquasto
Marti W. and Michelle C. Harkness
William G. Harris
David M. and Laura F. Harris
Gerald P. Harty
Mathew E. and Jennifer M. Hauer
James E. Hennessey and M. K. Gibson
Rhonda J. and Michael K. Horowitz
William and Zeljka P. Howard
Jimmy D. and Gay Nelle Howard
Bruce H. and Charonda D. Huff
Ross T. and Carley R. Humphreys
Daniel A. Ibarra
Edson Jean Jacques
Jessica N. Johnson
Christine E. Johnson
Helena L. and Edward L. Kadunc
Patience P. Kaysee
William R. and Mary Lee Kelly
Kikoda, LLC
John G. and Linda A. Kilgore
Carlos Kinsman
Jeremy C. Knox
Tyler S. Kuhlman
Feilin Lai
Marilyn S. Larson
Scott E. Leboeuf
Robert J. and Elizabeth R. LeFiles
Dena Levine and Neil S. Levine
Paul E. Lund and Margaret M. Lawton
Susan A. MacManus
Lorraine J. Malphurs
David and Sarah M. Marks
Nan L. Maxwell and Ronald J. D’Amico
John K. Mayo
Linda S. McCarthy and Larry Peterson
Michael B. McCormick
Kathryn M. McLean
Andrew McMillan
Bruce W. and Melanie A. McNeilage
Brian J. Meehan
Fernando M. Mihaic
Jeffrey A. and Stephanie S. Modarelli
Grace P. Montgomery
Paula R. and Donald Moon
Navarro R. and Shannon Moore
Isabella E. Moreira
Colin R. and Lynn Morris
Gregoire C. Narcisse
Patrick and Annette Natarelli
David and Nancy C. Norman
Onsurang Norrbin
Philip R. Nowicki
Ross P. Obley and Deborah L. Justice-Obley
Steven R. and Roberta M. Ohmer
Michael P. and Simone J. Onder
Ginger and Kenneth W. O’Reilly
Sergio Pena
Patricia C. and Stephen Peters
Gita W. Pitter
Martha B. Quinn
David W. and Joanne Oliveri-Rasmussen
John R. Reynolds
Peter H. Reynolds
Edgar Rincon
Francesco E. Ripple
Deana A. and Jack Rohlinger
Charles H. and Genevieve C. Rosenberg
Rebecca L. Rust
Lise A. Ryder
S&P Global
Sandra C. Sartin
Craig M. and Amy L. Saxner
Caryl S. Schneider
John S. and Taylor Schrader
Douglas P. Schrock
Irma M. Schultz
Larry D. Scott
Josh K. Setvin
Fredrick and Mae C. Shepherd
Cherry Shuler
Francis C. and Karen W. Skilling
Gary W. and Patricia L. Smith
Janet L. Smith
Logan W. Smith
Eric D. Smith
James C. and Elizabeth R. Smith
William B. and Elizabeth N. Smith
David S. Snodgrass
Napoleon V. Somoza
Jennifer J. Sorrells
Peter T. Soukup
Linda J. Stalvey
Harold E. and Debra Start Herman
Earlynn M. Stillwell
Norman D. and Leilani T. Stoddard
Nicholas P. Stuart
Amy L. Szabo
Meredith and Robert A. Tanen
Charles M. Taylor
Joanne S. Taylor
Tom A. and Katya Taylor
Jeffrey M. Tayman
David B. Thatcher
Barbara L. Tower
UnitedHealth Group
Gary R. and Cynthia M. VanLandingham
Gerard G. and Gertrude W. Vernot
Abby G. Vierling
Miranda R. Waggoner
Joanna H. Wagner
Richard N. Wagner
Robert J. and Iris V. Warren
Savanna J. Westwood
John P. Whibbs
Deborah A. White-Labora
Michael J. and Rohini D. Widener
LaSharonte D. Williams-Potts
Elizabeth B. Winslow
Catherine M. Wolfe
George R. Wolfe
Betsy M. Wood
Dana C. Wright
Jarrod and Whitney L. Wright-Goodman
Chingfa Wu
Cynthia Yang

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$1 to $99

Teresa T. and Glenn D. Aaronson
Ansley A. and Linda A. Abraham
Jean Ainsworth
Randall S. Arana Vargas
Richard J. and Gayle C. Arbes
Christine I. Baghdikian-Schweitzer
Anthony J. Barbara
Scott D. Barrow
Ivonne D. Barton
Carmelo L. and Nancy H. Battaglia
Paul M. and Mai D. Beaumont
Bruce A. Bechard
George D. Bennett and Nancy Champion
Alegria Bensimon
David G. Berlan and Minyi Berlan
John J. and Kathryn F. Bethune
Jessica C. Bishop-Royse
Brian and Ann M. Blanchard
Helaine M. Blum
Robert J. and Lori M. Bogdanoff
Elizabeth P. Borges
Kristian Bredemeyer
Roberta R. Brinkmeyer
Paul P. Bristol
Drucilla C. Brown
Patricia W. Brown
Cassandra D. Brown
Gabrielle S. Brown
Leroy C. and Sharon O. Bryant
Ericka M. Bryant
Michael L. and Julia D. Buckner
Beverly C. and John Buggle
Logan N. Burge
Gregory S. Bushn
Barry Butin
Kathryn M. and Robert M. Callan
Timothy A. Campbell
Guillermo A. Cancio
Matthew H. Canning
Katrina Carrillo
Cameron A. Cassedy and Madeline E. Carroll
Frank G. Castagna
Javier A. Cepeda
Steven L. Chenault
Thomas W. and Marie T. Clearman
Erma D. Clem
James N. Cole
Edwin J. and Mechele S. Conklin
Timothy P. Costello
William C. Cox
Timothy O. and Laura L. Coyle
Rachel A. Crabtree
Michael and Susanna C. Cronin
Wayne A. Cross
Charles W. Crum
Stacey L. and Thomas Dailey
Andrew E. Dailidonis
Joyce Damron
Candice S. and Mark D’Angelo
Carol J. deJarnette
Tina H. Deshotels
Carire D. Donaldson
Robert L. Doughty
Julia M. Duncan
Edwin C. Dundas
Genevieve N. Dupuis
Colleen M. Earle
Isaac W. and Nancy S. Eberstein
Jonathan S. Edwards
Craig A. Engler
Linda B. Fairbanks
Robyn B. Faucy
Christopher J. and Leslie S. Jorgenson
Kathryn A. and Edward J. Fernandez
Amanda C. Ferraro
Taquelia P. Fleming
Philip Fong and Marcia L. Rosal
Jan and Cynthia L. Foster
James R. and Destinie Furst
Morton J. Gallagher
Galloway Law Firm
Savannah M. Glasgow
Michelle E. Gomez
James C. and Karen C. Goodlett
Jeffrey S. and Cheryl Nadrich-Goodman
Rose M. Goodson
Faith A. Goodwin
Daniel J. and LaGena L. Greene
James K. and Kristen P. Griffis
Mark L. and Carolyn D. Gumula
Metin and Sacide Guven
Robley H. Hackley
Antwaun W. Hall
Glen E. and Jamie L. Hallowell
Alexander R. and Gail C. Halperin
Richard T. and Bernice M. Nuhfer-Halten
Cynthia H. and Richard D. Hart
Lucy S. Heady
William B. and Maura A. Heebink
Steven P. and Lucile B. Hester
Gary L. Holmes
Giuseppina and Andrew E. Holway
Robert E. Horne
Laura A. and Scott C. Hottenstein
Kathleen R. Hudson and Lewis W. Clark
Linda D. Husbands
Ramiro J. and Gina Inguanzo
Elizabeth A. Ireland
Willie E. Jackson
James G. and Betty M. Jackson
Gary P. and Phyllis Jacobs
Edward T. Jarrell
Steven D. Jenks
Kevin J. Jimenez
Linda M. Jimenez-lopez
Franklin D. Johnson
Wendy F. Johnston
Elizabeth A. Jones
Lynnea J. Jones
Candalee Jones and Jan R. Delaney
Susan L. Jordan-Fell
Gislaine Joseph
Julia E. Juarez
Susan M. and Timothy J. Juhlin
Steven P. Kandilakis
Linzy S. Kates
Charlton D. and Tricia S. Keen
Sandra F. Kendall
Ovey D. Kindley
William D. Kirchner
Toni F. Kirkwood-Tucker
Stuart I. Klein
Michelle L. Kominarek
William M. and Felicia A. Kopelman
Adam S. and Jenna R. Kramarow
Alexandra R. Krause
Christopher J. Lapp
Hegel M. Laurent
James M. Leonardo
Scott S. Liebertz
Katerina S. and Robert M. Linzer
Chris Livaudais
Michael G. Lortz
Ryan P. Lunt
David F. Lurie
Bran F. Mahoney
Christopher J. and Jennifer L. Maier
Bruce J. and Frederika P. Manciagli
Michelle A. Marohnic
Wayne A. Martin
Edwin P. Mason
Marjorie K. Masterman
Gabrielle S. Matus
Stephen C. Mayers
Yuki P. Maynor
Kristyn N. McClure
Anthony J. McCulley
Steven J. McDonald and Page Purgar
Jennifer L. McIntire
Kimberlee A. McMillin
Steven M and Nicole Quattrocchi
Giuliana F. McQuirt
Julie R. and Timothy B. McRee
Laura Medina
John W. and Leslie Klug Mercer
Stephani L. Miller and William A. Messer
Haley E. Miller
Adam A. Millsap
Michael J. Mitchell
Chevon C. Mitchell
Melissa Mitton
Nathan M. Molina
Michael C. Moore
DeVoe L. and Shirley McEwan Moore
Kathleen A. Moore
Laura G. Morris
Katelyn and Nick Mougey
Antonio E. Moulton
Theodore S. Musielak
Sally C. Myrick
Maria C. Naranjo Quintero
Paul L. and Patricia A. Nichols
Alexandra C. H. Nowakowski and Jason E. Sumerau
Deborah Oberschlake
Peter F. Olsen
Ronald G. and Elizabeth J. Owens
Teresa and Michael Padro
Parrish W. Parker
Robin E. Parker
James A. and Christiana Parrish
Kathleen M. Parrish
Svetlana A. Pevnitskaya
Elika K. Peyvan
Erica and Matthew T. Pietryka
Matthew R. and Heather A. Pine
James D. Pittilla
Robert M. and Jan M. Porter
David C. and Jackie D. Puckett
Brandon T. Ramsey
Karen A. Randolph
Philip E. and Katherine W. Reeves
Beverly A. Reid
Tiffany Reyes
Brandon G. and Richards
Randall J. Ringpfiel
Teresa A. Roach
Douglas S. and Laura S. Roberts
Anthony K. Roberts
Leanna S. Rose
Kyle R. Rose
Sydney I. Rothschild
Hurley W. and Marcia C. Rudd
Kelly L. Russell
Darryl L. and Marcia Rutz
Rachel M. Ryals
James J. Ryan
Sanford A. Safron
Rebecca L. Sage
Edson Santoro
John G. Saoud
Vincent E. and Susannah R. Scarlatos
Robert G. and Donna J. Schiffer
Christopher C. Schmidt
Tim and Michelle M. Schmidt
Lauren K. and Samantha R. A. Schoenberger
Kimberly A. Schwartz
Dennis F. Scully
Francis D. Serrano
Katie A. Sherron and Zachariah A. DeVeau
Raymond M. and Barbara A. Sherry
Shannon M. Sibel
McCayla J. Sica
Michelle J. Siegel
Henry B. Sirgo
Jamil Smith
Anne M. Smith
James P. Smith
Paula J. Smith
Daniel E. Sobel
David L. Sollars
Alex M. Soto
Mary and Randy E. Soule
Jane E. and John R. Sowerby
Christopher P. Spiegel
Gregory K. Sprowls
Arden L. Steinberg
Samuel S. Stiyer
Marshall and Nell Stranburg
Lee S. and Ladanya Ramirez Surmeier
George F. and Jackie H. Sweat
Logan M. Taaffe
Rachael S. and William S. Tallent
Curtis T. and Valencia A. Thomas
Susan C. Thomas
Courtney N. Thomas
Jonathan Tobias
Bernadette and Scott Van Slyck
Javier Vazquez
William H. and Linda M. Vogt
Travis C. Wagher
Lisa Slattery A. Walker
John C. Wallace
Marc Webb and John D. Waugh
Arlin S. Weingold
Thomas H. and Shirley R. Wells
Beth A. and Maurice S. Westmoreland
Katherine M. and Todd M. Weston
Joseph B. Whitenton
Raymond S. and Catherine B. Wilson
Kristen J. Witt
Workday Foundation
Xiaojun Yang and Xiaode Deng
Lauren M. Yates
Sadaf Zendehdel
James T. Zimmerman
P. D. Zimmerman


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