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Research Areas

The DeVoe L. Moore Center publishes content regularly on a variety of issues. The research conducted is primarily in the form of blog articles, op-eds, policy briefs, and policy reports. To view some of the publications on our specific areas of interest, click the research topics below:

As an interdisciplinary research unit of FSU, the DeVoe L. Moore Center sponsors research in several core areas: the impact of local rules and regulations, local politics, institutions that foster economic development, and housing markets and related issues (including transportation investments). The Center has supported studies on:

  • Local Housing Markets
  • The Impact of State and Local Regulation on Housing and Economic Development
  • The Politics of Neighborhood Associations
  • Policy Tools and Policy Implementation in Land Use Regulation
  • The Politics of Local Land Use Governance
  • Bargaining and Economic Development
  • Economic Freedom

Our research findings are made available to academics, policymakers, and the general public through publications written by Center faculty and students. Additionally, some of the data sets collected and used in our research are stored on a server accessible with a university account.

The Center also supports the Program in Local Governance, Rules and Regulation. The purpose of this program is to carry out research on local government institutions, policy and regulation and to maintain and update archives of relevant data collected across both the state and the nation. Richard Feiock (Public Administration) directs these efforts. To read the program’s research papers or access its data archives, go to http://localgov.fsu.edu/