Public Policy


Examines a wide range of public policy issues relevant to Florida and presents this information at state and national levels. Research gathered is also presented internally within the center to keep account of progress and for review.

What Do Public Policy Interns Do?

Each internship is unique and geared toward the aspirations of the individual student; however, most interns can expect to be involved in one or more of the following projects:

  • Conducting market-focused research pertaining to public policy in the state of Florida
  • Writing op-eds and blogs to provide recommendations and/or commentary on current policies or legislative decisions
  • Creating research posters and presenting at conferences (such as the Undergraduate Research Symposium at FSU or APEE).
  • Collecting data on an individual and/or team public policy project.

What Majors Are Accepted?

All majors are encouraged to apply. Public policy affects every industry and individual, which makes research in the field interdisciplinary and integral to society.

Researchers in the public policy group are expected to write frequently and participate in our robust editorial process. This does not mean that public policy researchers need to be in a writing-centric major; rather, students in this group need to be willing to work with editors and develop their writing skills.

Selected Testimonials From Alumni

“The DeVoe Moore Center has provided the most valuable experience of my pre-professional career. Regular meetings with professionals and other pre-professionals, hands-on mentoring, and encouragement throughout research allowed for enrichment unlike any other. I would not feel as prepared for my professional career as I do without the DMC and I am truly grateful for the opportunities it has provided me.” 

– Chelsea Gow, Public Policy, ‘19-’21; BS in Psychology

“The DeVoe Moore Center has been instrumental in my development as a future researcher and scholar. I was thoroughly supported by my research mentors and the staff at the DMC in every step of my chosen research project. I was given the flexibility and freedom to pursue a topic timely and local to the state in which I grew up and live. The DMC has also encouraged me to submit my work for recognition at state and national conferences which were accepted – for which I am grateful. I feel extremely confident the experience I gained through the interaction, development, and support through the DMC will prepare me to be successful in the academic realm however I choose.”

— Arnel Garcesa, Public Policy ‘19-’20; Statistics Major, Economics Minor, SAS Certificate