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File Attachments: 

Entrepreneurship and Small Business in America, presentation to the Economics Club of FSU, 3.13.2019

Is Bigger Better Benefits and Pitfalls of Regionalizing Public Services, Presentation to FSU COSSPP Policy Pub, 1.8.19

Divergent Economics in the Classroom, Presentation to the 57th Annual Financial Literacy and Economic Education Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, 10.4.18

The Beatles and Economics How Capitalism Enabled Sgt. Pepper to Play, Presentation to the Association of Private Enterprise Education, 4.2.18

Regulatory Uncertainty, Housing Supply, and Affordable Housing Insights from California, Houston, and Florida, Testimony Provided to the Florida Senate Appropriations Committee, 3.24.17

Mobility, Transit and Growth – The Role of Markets, 12.02.13

Perspectives on Wake County’s Transportation Plan, 11.12.13

Political Economy of Transportation Infrastructure Development in China, 02.04.13

Markets, Planning and the Politics of Smart Growth,12.07.12

Practical Strategies for Reducing Congestion and Increasing Mobility for Chicago,07.19.12

Market Solutions to Urban Transit 06.14.12

Disequilibrium, Market Process and the Dynamism of Cities – Jane Jacobs in an Austrian Economic Context, 4.03.12

Implementing Sustainable Development at the Local Level – Governance, Institutions and the Effectiveness of Policy Implementation, 2.25.12