Politics, Philosophy, and Economics Group

The PP&E Reading Group allows student participants to wrestle with ideas that help us understand the world, discuss them with individuals and groups with different ideological worldviews, and advocate for productive change that fosters human flourishing in a free society. The topics differ from semester-to-semester and are directed by a different faculty member, who is the expert in a particular area of study.

The theme for Fall 2024 is TBA!

Current Readings:


Students meet six times during the semester to discuss the readings for the evening. The discussion is a Socratic-style format, designed after Liberty Fund’s Pierre Goodrich method of organized dialogue. The discussions are policed by a discussion leader who maintains the queue and guides the threads of conversation during the 90-minute session. Conversations, though, are open-ended, have no agenda, and are meant to deepen the thinking of student and faculty participants.

This programming has been sponsored by the Program on Pluralism and Civil Exchange at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University.