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Upcoming Events

· October 25, 2017 – Communicating Effectively with Charts and Graphs with Martha Evans – DMC at 3:00pm

· November 10, 2017 – Using Statistical Software to Perform Empirical Analysis with Dr. Anastasia Semykina – DMC at 1:00pm

· November 14, 2017 – Basic Time Series Methods for Forecasting with Dr. Paul Beaumont – DMC at 3:00pm

Past Events:

· April 13, 2016 – US Democratization in the Middle East with Dr. Christopher Coyne from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University – DMC at 7:00pm

· April 20, 2017 – The War on Drugs with Dr. Randall Holcombe – DMC at 7:00pm

· December 06, 2016 – Redeye Coffee’s Social Entrepreneurship Expo – Bellamy Building first floor at 7:00pm

· November 17, 2016 – Generation Start-up Film Screening – Bellamy Rm. 180 at 7:00pm

· October 13, 2016 – JMI Presents: An Evening with John Crossman – DMC at 7:00pm

· April 06, 2016 – Advanced Time Series Methods with Dr. Paul Beaumont – DMC at 5:30pm

· February 24, 2016 – Flaws and Fallacies in Empirical Thinking – DMC at 5:30pm

· February 10, 2016 – Spatial Econometrics Workshop – DMC at 5:30pm

· November 12, 2015 – Special Topic from the Journal of Economic Perspectives – DMC at 5:30pm

· October 30, 2015 – Policy Writing Workshop – DMC at 11:30am

· October 29, 2015 – Methodology Workshop – DMC at 5:30pm

· September 30, 2015 – Using Statistical Software to Perform Empirical Analysis – DMC at 5:30pm

· September 16, 2015 – Data Management and Gathering – DMC at 5:30pm

· February 13, 2015 – FEE conference on Income Inequality: Menace or Boogeyman – HCB at 10:00am

· February 10, 2015 – Spatial Econometrics Workshop with Kevin Willardson – DMC at 5:30pm

· February 5, 2015 – Stavros Center: Creative Teaching Ideas for Your Basic Economics Course conference

· February 2, 2015 – Dr. Sam Staley testifies to Congress in regards to occupational licensing to the regulated industries committee meeting. Committee members receive a copy a new policy brief produced by Matthew Laird, Adrian Moore from the Reason Foundation, and Sam Staley from the DMC.

· January 29, 2015 – Dr. Matt Mitchell from the Mercatus Center presents: The Pathology of Privilege: The Economic and Social Consequences of Government Favoritism – BEL 180 5:00pm

· February 28, 2015 – FEE conference: The Emerging Peer-to-Peer Economy – HCB 101 12:00pm

· April 9, 2015 – Dr. Daniel D'Amico from Brown University: Mass Incarceration and the Prison State – DMC at 7:00pm

· October 29, 2014 – David Jackson: Civil Rights and the Role of Business – DMC at 7:00pm

Events Pre-2006-2007:


· John Stossel Co–Anchor of ABC’s 20/20 “Myths, Lies and Stupidity”

· Harry Lerner President of Maxcy Development Group, Tampa, FL


· Sam Staley Director of Urban Futures Program, Reason Public Policy Institute “Reducing Congestion and Increasing Mobility: The Road More Traveled”

· Casey Dawkins Assistant Professor of Urban Affairs and Planning, Virginia Polytechnic Institute “Urban Sprawl and the Transition to First–Time Homeownership”


· Joel Embry Representative of Welaunee in Tallahassee, FL “Privatizing Public Policy”

· Craig Volden Professor of Political Science, Ohio State University “Policy Diffusion from Cities to States: Anti–Smoking Laws in the U.S.”


· Daniel McMillen Professor of Economics and Director of the Center for Urban Real Estate, University of Illinois at Chicago “The Endogeneity of Zoning and Other Land Use Controls”

· Christopher Bollinger Professor of Economics, University of Kentucky “An Introduction to Spatial Econometrics” Edgar Olsen Professor of Economics, University of Virginia “Economics of Housing Assistance for the Poor”

· William Niskanen Chairman, Cato Institute “After Enron: The Major Lessons for Public Policy” Brady Baybeck Professor of Political Science, University of Missouri—St. Louis “Urban Politics and Policy”


· Richard L. Engstrom Professor of Africana Studies, University of New Orleans “Effects of Electoral Structures on Public Policies in U.S. Cities”

· Richard Winters Professor of Government, Dartmouth College “Variability in Charitable Giving Across the U.S. States”

· Arthur C. Nelson Professor of Urban Affairs and Planning and Director of Graduate Studies, Virginia Polytechnic Institute “Regulatory Models and Their Land Use Implications”


· Michael Berkman Professor of Political Science, Pennsylvania State University “School Choice?”

· Genevieve Giuliano Director of METRANS Transportation Center, University of Southern California “Land Use and Travel Revisited: The U.S. and Great Britain”

· Peter Vander Hoek Professor of Economics, Erasmus University, The Netherlands “Taxation in the European Union”

· Michael Mintrom Associate Professor of Political Science, Michigan State University “Educational Entrepreneurship and Charter Schools”

· Robert Stein Dean and Professor of Political Science, Rice University “Neighborhood Politics and Local Government”

· Douglass North Nobel Laureate and Professor of Economics, Washington University “What We Know and Don’t Know About Economic Development”


· Mark Schneider Professor of Political Science, SUNY Stony Brook “Information and the Market for School Choice”

· Michael McDonald Professor of Political Science, SUNY Binghamton “Understanding Taxpayer Complaints: Self–Interest or Government Mistake?”


· James Buchanan Nobel Laureate and Professor of Economics, George Mason University