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Public Affairs and Editorial Group

Megan Boebinger

Megan Boebinger - Editing, Writing, and Media - is public affairs manager and intern. She coordinates publication release, social media output, scheduling events, and is in charge of website content production. She is skilled in both graphical and linguistic editing and is minoring in education. In the future, she aims on becoming a English Professor or an editor of a newspaper. Some of her hobbies include reading, yoga, digital design, studying memetics, linguistics, and marine biology.

Courtland CulverEconomics and Political Science/ General Business – is a public affairs intern who fosters connections with political and economic groups on campus. He also coordinates events for the Devoe L. Moore Center. He is currently the membership chair of the College Republicans, the Campus Representative for the James Madison Institute, the Campus Ambassador for the Foundation for Economic Education, and President of Christians United for Israel. His professional plans include becoming an anti-trust law attorney for the Department of Justice. In his leisure time he enjoys reading economic history, and playing guitar and piano.See staff section for contact information

Gianni Vasquez

Gianni Vasquez - English - Is a staff writer and intern for the social entrepreneurship group. His writing focuses on researching businesses that have programs, foundations, and other systems of charitable work that have a positive impact in local and global communities. His position responsibilities include maintaining an entrepreneurial focus on the DeVeo L. Moore Center Blog. He has a background in creative writing and journalism and is minoring in philosophy and law. In the future, he plans to work in the government sector in areas of legislation or other state agency. In addition, he aims on publishing books of short stories, poems, and micro tales. He also plans on creating and monetizing an automotive blog for Honda Inc. He is a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success and Mortar Board.

Abby Swatts - Editing, Writing, and Media (economics minor) - is the center's Editorial Manager and responsible for supervising the center's writing coach program and editing articles and policy reports produced by the center. Her professional goals include improving the skills of fellow writers through the revision process. She also publishes articles that accurately depict the mission of the DeVoe L. Moore Center. Following graduation, she plans on becoming an editor in a publishing house working with novels and religion. Some of her hobbies include reading, writing, editing, and travelling to new places. She is a volunteer team leader at Deerlake Middle School under a youth ministry program, YoungLife. She participates in greek life and is a member of Alpha Gamma Delta.