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Giovanna Da Silva

Giovanna Da SilvaHistory and International Affairs – is the Blog Content Manager for the DeVoe L. Moore Center. She is a senior at FSU. She edits blog posts and works with research assistants to produce policy content. Her research focuses on issues relating to licensing and regulation, tourism, and natural disasters. She speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese and is a Campus Coordinator with Students for Liberty.

Gianni Vasquez

Gianni Vasquez - English - is a Writing Coach for the DeVoe L. Moore Center.

Amanda Bastos

Amanda Bastos - Editing, Writing, and Media; Psychology - is a Writing Coach for the DeVoe L. Moore Center. where her job is to edit, annotate, and tutor interns throughout their writing process with rhetorical pieces preparing for publication on the organization’s website. Amanda hopes to follow her experiences this semester with a big step into the real world.