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About Us

Mission Statement
The DeVoe L. Moore Center is an interdisciplinary, applied public policy research and teaching center examining the role of the private sector in addressing pressing concerns relevant to Florida. The center uses a market-oriented lens to examine, develop, and propose policy recommendations and guidance for policy makers at the state and local level.

The DeVoe Moore Center was created in 1998 through an endowment established by Tallahassee-based entrepreneur DeVoe L. Moore. The Center supplements its operational funds through grants and individual contributions that enhance the Center’s mission and strategic goal. An independent Advisory Board, established in the founding gift agreement, regularly monitors the Center’s work and progress.

Focus Areas
The Center’s primary focus areas in public policy include:

  • Government regulation of private businesses and individuals
  • Entrepreneurship, job creation, and economic growth
  • Land-use regulation, land development, growth management, and urban growth
  • Government transparency, accountability, and performance

The DeVoe L. Moore Center at Florida State University is an interdisciplinary unit in the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy that is dedicated to increasing knowledge and understanding about the role of government in a market economy. The Center emphasizes the study of how government rules, regulations and programs affect the economy and individuals. Bringing the insights of economics, planning, political science, and public administration to the study of state and local regulations is a major focus of the Center’s efforts.

Scholarly research of the Center’s faculty and graduate students generates knowledge that is integrated into innovative undergraduate and graduate teaching and shared with the wider academic community. The Center also conducts outreach activities to inform elected officials and the general public about our research findings.

The Center was founded in 1998 as the result of a gift from DeVoe L. Moore, an entrepreneur and benefactor committed to free enterprise.