Internship Program

Internship and Research Assistant Program

As the working and leveraging arm of the DeVoe L. Moore Center, the Internship and Research Assistant Program is responsible for a substantial portion of the center’s output for publications and analysis on government regulation and public policy issues. The program welcomes undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in areas of government, public policy, and entrepreneurship. Prospective interns may contact Dr. Samuel Staley, the director of the center, through an email inquiry to or leaving a written stating interest in the center’s office at 150 Bellamy Building.

Interns are expected to be a part of a professional public discussion on key policy concerns in Tallahassee, Florida, and at the national level. Integrated into the program is an optional academic credit-based system that is applied toward the interns’ academic progress.

Dr. Crystal Taylor walking interns through an ideal internship sequence!

Intern Requirements and To-Do’s (All Groups)

  • Submit an inquiry of interest to the director or general office.
  • Submit an internship contract if enrolling for academic credit.
  • Adhere to work plans and objectives in assigned focus areas.
  • Report to group manager(s) and professional staff where necessary.
  • Attend workshops in editing, writing, and research throughout the semester.
  • Produce credible and noteworthy material for review and publication.

Working Groups