Data Analytics (DAG)


Tasked with gathering and modeling data from state agencies and government entities with the goal of discovering useful information that supports improved decision-making in regulation and public policy areas. The group is also involved in interpreting this information for practical use. The group maintains our FloridaOpenGov website.

What Do Data Analytics Interns Do?

Each internship is unique and geared toward the aspirations of the individual student; however, most interns can expect to be involved in one or more of the following projects:

  • Gaining hands-on experience with SQL and a variety of data cleaning tools.
  • Creating Tableau data visualizations for or other Center projects.
  • Collecting and cleaning data from a variety of local and state agencies.
  • Conducting market-focused research and supporting ongoing transparency projects

What Majors Are Accepted?

All majors are encouraged to apply. Our DAG students specialize in a variety of fields, including but not limited to: computer science, information technology, business, economics, and philosophy. Data analysis is integrated across disciplines, and our staff is dedicated to constructing an internship that makes sense for individual career goals and interests.

 Previous tech skills are preferred; however, an interest in data analytics is required.  

Selected Testimonials From Alumni

“The DeVoe L. Moore Center provides exceptional intrapreneurial opportunities to its employees and interns. The DMC provides real world work experience that pays off in the job market. I accepted an offer as a Data Scientist, at Northrop Grumman in Los Angeles. In my interview, they were very impressed with my experiences with the Data Analytics Group and its founding. In fact, when I was touring the facilities one of our tour guides recognized me from my time at the DMC working on government transparency. We had a great conversation while I was a DMC rep and he brought it up to the hiring manager.” 

— Tyler Worthington, ‘16, former intern and manager of the Data Analytics

As I’m looking back on my past, it was DeVoe L. Moore Center that got my foot in the door to get my first corporate internship with Citibank. Then from there, that internship and the DMC led me to get interviews with companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, and so on. They all asked about us. And now, this past semester with the DMC has led me to realize I love project management and I decided to go with a PM internship with Cisco! From Spring 2019 to now, this internship has been the foundation of many of my successes throughout my college career. You all have been the best mentors I could’ve asked for and people I hope I will have in my network throughout the rest of my career.

— Janelle Otero, Former Data Analytics Manager, BS Management Information Systems ‘20.