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The Devoe L. Moore Center

at Florida State University

Producing interdisciplinary, market-oriented research to analyze, develop,
and propose policy recommendations and guidance for
policy makers at the state and local level.

The DeVoe L. Moore Center is a public policy research institute, or “think tank” involved in examining market-oriented solutions to pressing social problems on the state and local level in Florida. The center focuses on areas such as regulation, land use and urban development, entrepreneurship, government accountability and transparency, and economic development.

New Research!

What do surveys of college students tell us about political expression and viewpoint diversity?
Eli McKown-Dawson dives into the data and comes up with surprising answers.

Check out: "Political Expression on College Campuses: The Predictive Importance of Ideological Strength," by Eli McKown-Dawnson,
Policy Brief, September 2022.