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Dean's Report - Summer 2014

Dear Friends,

Each fall there is an excitement on campus as thousands of students enter the university for the first time. These freshmen, transfers, and graduate students will have educational experiences that prepare them for meaningful careers that can shape the future. Just as these students are engaged in transformative experiences, the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy is similarly committed to a process of transformation to improve their opportunities for innovative learning and to broaden their horizons.

FSU is committed to being an Entrepreneurial University, taking on a pivotal role as an agent of societal change by using our intellectual resources to confront global challenges and training our students to create sustainable innovations that tackle our most pressing issues. The college aims to be at the forefront of this initiative by reorganizing our Interdisciplinary Social Sciences undergraduate degree program to include a specialization in Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation. This new focus explicitly recognizes that entrepreneurship in both private firms and the nonprofit sector can play a significant role in alleviating a myriad of social problems that cannot be addressed by government alone.

The college has joined forces with the Division of Undergraduate Studies to offer this program to students throughout the university, regardless of major. Students in the social entrepreneurship concentration will be able to take courses in the Askew School of Public Administration and Policy and the College of Business. Our newly hired social entrepreneur-in-residence will mentor these students and teach a Fundamentals of Social Entrepreneurship course to be offered for the first time in Spring 2015.

I am now in my 12th year in service as dean, and my enthusiasm for the start of the 2014-15 school year is as great as ever. In the coming year we will build this vital and valuable new initiative while continuing to strengthen existing opportunities for our students to learn outside the typical classroom experience. We are committed to support internships, academic student organizations such as the World Affairs Program and Global Peace Exchange, service learning here and abroad, foreign study, and specialized seminars such as those offered by the Social Science Scholars program and the William A. Kerr Intercultural Dialogue Initiative.

Each year more students are engaged in efforts to get more than a degreeā€”a sure signal that we are doing right by them. As alumni and friends of the college, you are partners in these enterprises and your gifts are critical to their success. I am grateful for your continued support.

With very best regards,