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Dean's Report - Fall 2013

Dear Friends,

How ‘bout them Noles! A perfect regular season, a Heisman Trophy for Jameis Winston, and the National Championship has made for a fun football season. While we in the College never have 80,000 people cheering our accomplishments, many alumni let us know that they recognize and appreciate the significant achievements of our students and faculty.

The College is ranked among the top 20 U.S. public universities in social science research, which speaks to the quality of our faculty and doctoral programs. Our faculty continue to receive widespread attention for their research, publications, and expertise, among them Will Moore (Political Science), who is developing a method for authenticating human rights abuses; Whitney Bendeck (International Affairs), whose new book about World War II is receiving good reviews; and Rick Feiock (Askew School), appointed this past semester as managing editor of the prestigious journal Public Administration Review. You can read about them and other notable faculty and grad student milestones and accomplishments on our web site’s News Page.

Innovative undergraduate programs are harder to measure in a way that makes it possible to rank them, but we have much to be proud of in this regard. We urge our undergraduates to prepare for life after college with our “Get More Than a Degree” initiative, supported by our alumni. All of the opportunities we offer our students to enhance their education, including the Social Science Scholars program, Research Intensive Bachelors Certificates, and international study, are made possible with your valuable support, and we—and the students—greatly appreciate you.

President Barron has set a goal to have Florida State University enter the ranks of the top 25 public universities in the nation. One of the keys to achieving this status is lowering the ratio of students to faculty. Five years of budget cuts prevented us from filling faculty positions as they became vacant due to resignation or retirement. The result—bigger class sizes—compromised our ranking. Thanks to the legislature naming the University of Florida and Florida State as preeminent universities, President Barron has a goal of hiring 100 new faculty every year for next five years.

So we enter 2014 with great pride in our accomplishments and high hopes for the future.

With very best wishes for the New Year,

David W. Rasmussen