Dean Chapin speaks with students at College Town Hall

The College of Social Sciences Student Leadership Council (SLC) hosted a College Town Hall with Dean Chapin on Tuesday, November 29, for students to connect, ask questions, and share ideas and concerns.

“The SLC loves hosting events like this that help pull back the curtain and show students that the College administration is genuinely invested in their growth and success,” said Elizabeth Chabot, Chair of the SLC. “The Dean genuinely loves to talk to students and hear about their accomplishments and ideas for the College.”

In his opening remarks, Dean Chapin told students about his FSU journey from Assistant Professor to Dean of the College. He shared that he chose to stay at FSU because of the University’s commitment to helping students succeed.

He went on to give updates about what the College achieved this past year and what is yet to come. Last year, the College implemented its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Action Plan and invested more into research, helping the College become a leader in progress at the University and across the nation. This next year, the College plans on hiring dozens of new faculty members, and Dean Chapin reemphasized the College’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice, both demographically and ideologically, in all pursuits.

Students then participated in a Q&A with the Dean, asking questions about future plans for the College and Bellamy, engaging in conversation about problems they’ve experienced, and getting advice from the Dean about how to be successful.

Sophie Barley, a third-year student studying International Affairs and Asian Studies, said, “The College Town Hall was a great opportunity to get to know Dean Chapin better and learn about his commitment to the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy and its students. Talking with him helped me become more knowledgeable about my education and strengthened my confidence in the College’s efforts.”

“The town hall was a very rewarding opportunity for us to learn more about the Dean,” said Jake Perlowin, a first-year Political Science student. “Overall, I feel it was obvious that he is working incredibly hard to maximize opportunities for and increase success among all students in the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy.”

The SLC serves as the liaison between the College’s student body and the administration, hosting events like the College Town Hall to help students connect with the dean and college faculty and staff to make their voices heard. To connect with the SLC, and for frequent updates, follow them on Instagram @FSUCOSSSLC.