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Internships are invaluable preparation for life after graduation. They can provide a better understanding of the industry in which you are employed, improve your resume, and give you work experience. The College of Social Sciences and Public Policy strongly encourages you to seek internship opportunities.

Some units of the college offer undergraduate internship courses that enable students to obtain course credits for their internships. These programs also keep a record of internships in Florida and in Washington D.C. that are available for undergraduate students. For more information, contact the programs listed at the left.

The FSU Career Center can help in your internship search. Opportunities can be found through NoleNetwork. The Career Center also runs recognition programs for participating in an experiential learning opportunity and more information can be found here. Additionally, , Career Liaison to the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy, is a resource for you and has drop-in hours regularly in the Bellamy building in room 572.
- Drop-in hours for Summer and Fall 2020: Tuesdays & Wednesdays 1-4 pm, Thursdays 9 am-Noon

Florida State University’s International Program Office offers internships in eight countries. Find out more at the link at left.