Get More Than A Degree

Exciting opportunities for educational enhancement

“Get More Than a Degree” is the principal initiative in the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy to increase the quality of the undergraduate experience.

Exciting opportunities for educational enhancement

What you put into your time at FSU, the choices you make to further your connections and experiences, how you tap into a wealth of available resources beyond the classroom…all this is just as critical to your future life and career as your performance in your coursework.

At the college, we offer a range of opportunities for undergraduates to enhance their education (see links at left).

The college and the university offer other opportunities to enhance your educational experience and boost your professional prospects after graduation, such as service learning, on-campus meet-and-greets, and participation and presentations at regional and national conferences. Talk to your academic or departmental adviser for more information.

Are you wondering where a degree from the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy will take you?

The opportunities are endless with an education in the social sciences. Graduates with social science degrees pursue jobs and careers in a wide variety of industries including government, international organizations, non-profit agencies, private sector businesses, and many more.

The FSU Career Center has developed a comprehensive list of Match Major Sheets that provide career path information and resources.