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COSSPP Student Spotlight: Elaina Gonsoroski

Published: July 7, 2022

Elaina Gonsoroski

Elaina Gonsoroski, a Ph.D. candidate studying geography with a focus on health geography, was awarded the Future Investigators in NASA Earth and Space Science and Technology (FINESST) grant.

“I was selected for NASA’s FINESST award to study power outages across the U.S. using NASA’s Black Marble nighttime light product,” Gonsoroski said. “In addition, I proposed to use this information to study severity and exposure to hurricanes and apply measures of severity to study the mental health impacts of disasters. I’m excited and grateful to the NASA FINESST program for the opportunity to take on this important work.”

This NASA research fellowship will provide Gonsoroski with three years of funding to help her complete her dissertation by her expected graduation in spring of 2025.

“I chose to attend FSU because of the support I received from the department and the opportunities to work on collaborative projects,” Gonsoroski said. “The advising I have received while at FSU has prepared me as a researcher and also helped me to develop other essential skills in areas such as grant writing, project management, and public speaking.”

The principal investigator on the proposal Dr. Chris Ueijo, an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography, will oversee and collaborate with Gonsoroski on her research.

“Congratulations to Elaina and Dr. Ueijo on getting this very important project funded,” said Dr. Mark Horner, Chair of the Department of Geography. “It’s exciting that it results in a fellowship for Elaina to complete this research as well!”

Outside of research, Gonsoroski was the Secretary of the Graduate Researchers of Geography group in 2018-2019 and helped organize a panel for the 2022 Annual Fellow Forum discussing interdisciplinary approaches to address climate change.

“The different perspectives of my peers have been invaluable in helping me thoroughly think through my own work and making me a better researcher,” Gonsoroski said.