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COSSPP PhD Graduates Celebrated at College Hooding Ceremony

Published: May 2, 2022

On Friday, April 29, the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy celebrated students graduating with doctoral degrees.

Dr. Irene Padavic addressed graduates, faculty, friends and family

Graduates, faculty advisors, family and friends, heard a welcome message from Dean Tim Chapin recognizing the significance of this accomplishment, followed by remarks from Dr. Irene Padavic, COSSPP faculty & distinguished speaker titled, “Looking Back, Moving Forward: You and the Future of Our World.”

Following the ceremony, family and friends gathered for a celebration in the Bellamy atrium.

Congratulations to each of our Ph.D. graduates!


Ezra Goldstein
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Shawn Kantor
Dissertation: Essays in Child Welfare and Long Run Economic Well Being

Annalise Maillet
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Carl Kitchens
Dissertation: Essays on Policy and Women’s Health

Timothy J. Rooney, Jr.
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Shawn Kantor & Dr. Carl Kitchens
Dissertation: Essays in Development Economics

Phil Solimine
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mark Isaac
Dissertation:Economic Behavior in Dynamic Networks


Yoonjung Ahn
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Christopher Uejio
Dissertation: Extreme heat prevention measures for indoor and outdoor environments

Jennifer McHenry
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sarah Lester
Dissertation: Modeling biodiversity redistribution and ecosystem service provision in coastal marine ecosystems 

Elizabeth “Bess” Ruff
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sarah Lester
Dissertation: Culturing the Future of Seafood: Spatial and theoretical considerations for marine aquaculture development

Zoe Schroder
Faculty Advisor: Dr. James B. Elsner
Dissertation: Tornado outbreak climatology in the United States (1995 – 2020): Definitions, descriptions, and statistical analysis

Political Science

Kelley Doll
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Matt Pietryka
Dissertation: Moral Rhetoric, Affective Polarization, and Direct Democracy: Three essays on campaigns and state policymaking 

Urban and Regional Planning

Kristin Gladwin
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michael Duncan
Dissertation: Cycling Through the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case Study of Older Adults’ Cycling Behaviors and Experiences in Tallahassee, Florida