COSSPP Communications Services

Info for Faculty & Staff

Our College’s Communications Team would love to help our faculty and staff with promotional needs. Please find information about how to engage our services below.

SharePoint Site: Find Resources!

We are populating our Communications SharePoint site with resources (including photos from events, faculty and staff headshots, logos, PowerPoint templates, letterhead, and other templates). 

This is a work in progress, but it is a good thing to bookmark as we will be adding to this constantly.

Promotion Requests

Submit requests for promoting events, opportunities, and deadlines to the campus community through our survey:

OR you can preview the questions here and email your responses to


  1. If you need graphics designed:

    Turn in this form ( 4 weeks before the date of your event (to allow for design and 2 full weeks of promotion).
  2. If you have approved graphics (created with the College’s Canva Pro)

    Turn in this form ( 2 weeks before the date of your event. View this short tutorial to learn how to get started and access the library of templates. Visit our SharePoint for login information.

We understand that sometimes you may not have the info needed to complete this form in its entirety. Please provide the information you can and email with updates as you receive them.

When you are provided with a draft for review, you must collect all edits before submitting revisions. Edits should come in one email and clearly state what should be changed for the final product.

If you require more revisions after the first round of edits, the design will be published as a template, and you can make adjustments from there.

Faculty & Staff News

Faculty and staff should email directly to provide information about publications, research, honors and awards, grants, service involvement, media mentions, and any other notable items as they happen.

Student & Alumni Feature Stories

Students and alumni are encouraged to submit information through this survey to be considered for a COSSPP feature story:

If you are aware of an alum who has received an honor/has done something significant, please feel free to invite them to complete our survey yourself or email with the information.

Here’s some example text you can use to invite a student or graduate to complete our spotlight survey so we can write a feature story.

Hi [NAME]! ​

Congratulations on [ACCOMPLISHMENT/POSITION].​

I would like to encourage you to fill out our short spotlight questionnaire here, so our team can have the details needed to draft a feature story highlighting this accomplishment, along with your other involvements and achievements at FSU and beyond. It also prompts you to upload a photo.​

Thank you for your time and congrats again!


Research News Spotlights

COSSPP Faculty who want to have a piece of research featured by the College should fill out this 15-minute survey:

This gives our student writers the info they need to get a draft started for your review!​

Please note any FSU faculty or student co-authors.

COSSPP Student Monthly Newsletters

We send newsletters to all active students each month. Submit information for inclusion 5 business days before the first of each month (the first newsletter will go out September 1, 2022, so the deadline for inclusion would be August 25).

Please include the following information at a minimum:

  • Headline
  • Date
  • Time 
  • Location
  • Details
  • Relevant links

Information submitted through our COSSPP Promotion Request Form ( will automatically be slated for inclusion if the final work products are completed by the monthly deadline (5 business days prior to the first of the month).

*Note, we will also send these emails to all full-time faculty and staff to keep our team abreast of the information students are receiving. If any of your staff do not receive the email because they are OPS or another designation, please feel free to forward these to them.

Resources & Support

Photos, Logos & Business Templates

We are populating our Communications SharePoint site with resources (including photos from events, faculty and staff headshots, logos, PowerPoint templates, letterhead, and other templates). 

This is a work in progress, but it is a good thing to bookmark as we will be adding to this constantly.

Canva Pro for Faculty & Staff

The college has Canva Pro for all faculty and staff in the college use. Our team has developed a library of templates to choose from, as well as have uploaded swatches, fonts, and images for your use.

View this short tutorial video to learn how to get started and how to access the library of templates. 

Email to request login information if you do not already have the login.

Limited Photography Services

Our Communications Team would like to accommodate all requests for photography; however, availability is dependent upon staffing and workload.

Please encourage faculty and staff to email with the request as soon as possible so we can try to calendar it or provide alternative suggestions if we are unable to fulfill the request.

We do have 1 camera available for all college check out by full-time COSSPP faculty and staff. Please email for details and to reserve the camera.

Info for Student Groups

Florida State University’s Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) that have programming of interest to social sciences and public policy students are encouraged to share information with COSSPP’s Communications Team and with students using the following avenues.

Promoting Collaborative Events with the College

If you are collaborating with Tonja Guilford or Elizabeth Jones in the Dean’s Suite for your event, please email the following details to two weeks prior to your event (at the latest) so that it can be advertised properly:

  • 1-2 sentences describing the event (what will attendees experience)
  • Canva links to the promotional graphics in the following sizes that all include event date, time location (and way to register if necessary) – ensure designs are shared with in Canva first:
    • Square: 1080×1080 px
    • TV slide: 1920×1080 px (TV slide size should include a QR code if registration is required)
    • Web banner: 900×600 px
  • All other relevant details
    • If you are hosting an alumni panel, the names of each panelist, their title, their company
    • If tickets are limited
    • If there’s a deadline

Student Monthly Newsletter

The College sends a monthly newsletter to students. To submit your event for inclusion in our Student Monthly Newsletter (sent in fall and spring), send full event details (listed below) to by the 25th of the current month for the next month.

  • Event title:
  • Date:
  • Time:
  • Location:
  • Registration info:
  • Short description of event (1-2 sentences min):
  • Link to the event online (if applicable):

Social Media

Tag @FSUCOSS on social media to help us see your important announcements and events.

Bellamy TVs

Air time on Bellamy TVs is not guaranteed as the primary function is for the college and departments to promote programming to students, faculty, and staff. TV slides must be designed to be 1920x1080px. If your design was created in Canva, share it with so our team can access the design if adjustments are needed. Then email with the direct link to the design.

Bellamy Posting Boards

Please hang your flyers on the posting boards around Bellamy conscientiously. Don’t cover up others’ flyers, take down old postings, and keep things looking neat and tidy so viewers can see your information. Bring your own push pins or use those that are there. Staples are not preferred because they damage the board.


If you have questions, please email COSSPP’s Director of Communications Rebecca Sage at