COSSPP Alumni Spotlight: Matt Singer

Matt Singer – a two-time College of Social Sciences and Public Policy alumnus – recently became the Legislative Coordinator for the Florida League of Cities (FLC) after a four-year stint with former State Senator Gary Farmer.  

A headshot of Matt Singer wearing a blue suit and tie.
Matt Singer, M.S.

In this role, Singer works with various legislative bodies and organizations, empowering local governments to advance FLC’s mission of protecting and enhancing Florida’s communities. The organization represents over 400 members throughout Florida and provides resources for cities and towns to improve their municipalities.  

Singer graduated with a B.S. in Political Science and a minor in Criminology & Criminal Justice in 2020. He went on to earn a Master’s in Applied American Politics and Public Policy in 2022.

Singer credits his time at FSU and the opportunities he received as a student for his knowledge and continued success in his career. 

“I chose to attend FSU for the unparalleled opportunities it provides for students interested in the political arena,” Singer said. “While enrolled as a full-time student, I was able to gain real-world experience on political campaigns through an internship in the Florida Senate that ultimately led to employment after graduation.” 

As an undergraduate, Singer participated in the Department of Political Science’s Research Intensive Bachelor’s Certificate (RIBC). He compiled a list of 1,400 pieces of legislation from the 2019 U.S. Senate to determine how moderate and more extreme members of both parties represented their constituents.  

Singer also served as Scholarship Committee Chair for the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy’s Student Leadership Council and was the leader of the Political Science Freshman Interest Group in 2020, which helped fellow students explore their shared passion for political science.  

His time as a graduate provided him with an interactive academic experience, allowing him to actualize change through legislative action. 

“I enrolled in a course entitled the ‘Florida Legislative Process’ taught by two legislative veterans: David Coburn, FSU’s former Athletics Director and a former Chief of Staff to the Florida Speaker of the House, and Richard Herring, a 25-plus year legislative legend among staff,” Singer said. “I learned the intricacies of the institutional mechanisms and even some tricks of the trade. This course provided invaluable information that set me on a path forward, equipped with the knowledge and tools to actualize my goal to make a difference.” 

Singer attributes his passion for change, along with the guidance he received from College faculty, to his continued success in advocacy work. 

When asked what advice he would give to current FSU students, Singer said, “Utilize your time as a student to explore your interests and try new things! This time will prove to be invaluable when paired with the resources FSU offers enabling you to venture into a variety of career paths of your choosing. From shadowing alumni in a role you may be interested in, to joining organizations to learn about a new field – the sky is truly the limit!” 

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