COSSPP alumni recognized as Seminole 100 business leaders

Photo Credit: Colin Hackley

Congratulations to our 24 COSSPP alumni, and all of FSU’s 2022 Seminole 100 honorees, recognized for being among the fastest-growing, innovative, and profitable businesses owned or managed by FSU alumni.

Florida State University unveiled its 2022 Seminole 100 rankings on Saturday, February 19, during a ceremony hosted at the Dunlap Champions Club.

“These alumni inspire us by bringing better solutions, building stronger communities and continuing to be an example of the value of a degree from FSU,” said President Richard McCullough. “Their growth is a reflection of the undeniable excellence of Florida State University, and we’re so proud to celebrate their success.”

This year 22 businesses owned by COSSPP alumni were named to the Seminole 100 list of honorees, and three COSSPP alumni businesses placed in the top 10.

COSSPP Seminole 100 Honorees Listed in Rank Order:

#4 – Chisholm Law Firm, PLLC, Ocoee, FL – Audrey Chisholm (B.A. ’04 International Affairs)*

#6 – Pizza Box Express, LLC, Thomasville, NC – Jason Baker (B.A. ’04 International Affairs; M.A. ’07 International Affairs)

#7 – EnLight.Energy, Austin, TX – Julio Daniel Hernandez (B.S. ’04 International Affairs)*

#25 – Lincoln Lending Group, Tampa, FL – Frank Coto III (B.S. ’01 Sociology)*

#27 – Boomerang Transportation, LLC, Tampa, FL – Jon Novak (B.A. ’10 Political Science, International Affairs)*

#28 – Kinloch Partners, Kennesaw, GA – Bruce W. McNeilage (B.S. ’88 Economics)*

#37 – Kupanda Capital, Washington, D.C. – Bobby Pittman (B.S. ’97 Economics)*

#45 – Imperial Fence Supply, East Point, GA – Todd Jefferies (B.S. ’02 Economics)*

#46 – Capitol Integration, Bradenton, FL – Eugene Moran, Jr. (B.S. ’84 Political Science)

#53 – Autumn Beck Blackledge, PLLC, Pensacola, FL – Autumn Blackledge (B.S. ’98 Religion, Political Science; J.D. ’01)*

#54 – Synergy Settlement Services, Orlando, FL – Anthony Prieto, Jr. (B.S. ’96 Political Science)*

#56 – Pittman Law Group, Tallahassee, FL – Sean Pittman (B.S. ’90 Social Sciences; J.D. ’94) & Evan Steinberg (B.S. ’20 Interdisciplinary Social Sciences)

#64 – OmniCon, Tallahassee, FL – Rachel Rippee (B.S. ’09 Applied Economics)

#69 – Owenby Law, P.A., Orange Park, FL – Joy Owenby (B.S. ’93 Political Science)*

#80 – Taylor, Day, Grimm & Boyd, Jacksonville, FL – David Gagnon (B.S. ’95 Political Science; J.D. ’00) & Chris Mueller (B.A. ’01 International Affairs)*

#82 – Professional Building Services, Plantation, FL – Craig Saxner (B.S. ’86 Economics)

#87 – Jeff Kottkamp, P.A., Tallahassee, FL – Jeff Kottkamp (B.S. ’84 Political Science)*

#88 – McKee Insurance Agency, Tallahassee, FL – Patrick McKee (B.S. ’00 Applied Economics)*

#93 – Staff Builders HR, LLC, Lakeland, FL – S. Andrew Norman (B.S. ’97 Political Science)*

#95 – Earl Bacon Agency, Tallahassee, FL – John Nylen, Jr. (B.S. ’87 Economics)

#96 – McKinnon Legal, Miramar, FL – Christina McKinnon (B.A. ’97 Political Science)

#100 – Global Sales, Gibsonton, FL – Jeff Collins (B.S. ’86 Political Science)*

* Indicates companies previously named to the Seminole 100.

“I would like to congratulate all of FSU’s Seminole 100 honorees,” said Tim Chapin, dean of the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy. “I am pleased that so many of our college’s alumni were selected for their outstanding business acumen, innovation and growth. It’s great to celebrate the impact our alumni have made and their successes stand as a shining example for our current students.”

The FSU Seminole 100 is powered by the Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship in partnership with the FSU Alumni Association. Seminole 100 companies were ranked, regardless of size, by evaluating their three-year compounded annual growth rates. To ensure the integrity and credibility of the list, financial partner EY carefully verifies the revenue numbers for every applicant using the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) formula.

To view the complete list of 2022 Seminole 100 businesses, visit

Nominations for the 2023 Seminole 100 are currently open. Applications will open on May 2 and be accepted through July 29, 2022.