CDPH Master’s Student Awarded 2024 Serow Prize

Jalen White, a student in the Center for Demography and Population Health’s (CDPH) Master of Science in Demography (MSD) program, was recently awarded the Serow Prize in honor of his outstanding performance in the program and high potential for continued success in applied demography.

“The Serow Prize allows me to focus solely on my studies rather than obtaining a part-time job to pay for FSU’s tuition. Being an out-of-state student, this scholarship especially helps given that the cost of attendance is significantly higher than if I were an in-state student,” White said. “Furthermore, this award showcases my capability and motivation as a graduate student and encourages me to continue to work hard and achieve the goals I have set.”

From left: Jalen White and Betty Serow, Ph.D.

The winner of the Serow Prize is selected by an executive committee and CDPH faculty, based on student performance during the fall semester.

The Serow Prize was established in 2005 by Betty Serow, Ph.D., in honor of her late husband William Serow, Ph.D. Dr. William Serow served as a Professor of Economics and the Director of CDPH until his passing in 2003. The Serow Prize recognizes Dr. William Serow’s dedication to preparing students for careers in applied demography.

In addition to the financial support this award provides, it also serves as an encouragement for White to follow his interests in demography.

“My special interest in demography focuses on the economic impacts of populations, with an emphasis on increases in the cost of living and how it affects fertility, mortality, and migration,” he said.

Jalen White receiving the Serow Prize from Dr. Betty Serow at a gathering with CDPH faculty.

Dr. Betty Serow presented the award at a gathering with CDPH students and faculty members. White is the nineteenth student to receive this award since the inaugural award was presented in 2005.

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