Dissertation Spotlight: Acquiescence Over Activism: How NGOs Manage Authoritarian Demands

Jordan Holsinger, Ph.D., is a graduate of the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy at Florida State University (Ph.D. Political Science ’21). Below is a summary of Dr. Holsinger’s dissertation titled, “Acquiescence over Activism: How NGOs Manage Authoritarian Demands” authored by FSU student Katie Kelsey (Editing, Writing, and Media ‘24).

Research Spotlight: Recognizing the Equity Implications of Restoration Priority Maps

In “Recognizing the Equity Implications of Restoration Priority Maps,” Bill Schultz, Ph.D., Eric Coleman, Ph.D., and co-authors explore the implications for understanding the potential risks of concentrating restoration activity in regions where possible negative consequences for peoples’ livelihoods would be most severe.

Research Spotlight: What’s the Problem with Disaster? The Value of Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research

Tisha Holmes, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at Florida State University. In this research news spotlight, Dr. Holmes discusses her recently published article, titled “What’s the Problem with Disaster? The Value of Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research.”

Engage Magazine Feature: COSSPP Researchers Find Lead Exposure is Linked to IQ Loss

COSSPP researchers published a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in February 2022 that estimates exposure to lead has robbed Americans on average 2.6 IQ points per person. The study was groundbreaking, garnering widespread interest from news media and reaching over 1.5 billion.

Engage Magazine Feature: EMHS Conducts Research in Disaster Areas, Provides Experiential Learning Opportunities

The Disaster Incident Research Team (DIRT), housed within the Emergency Management and Homeland Security Program (EMHS), was formed in 2012 to effectively conduct research in disaster areas and provide students with experiential learning opportunities, which is often a challenge in disaster management. 

COSSPP professors awarded grant to study climate change and health equity

Two professors in Florida State University’s Department of Urban and Regional Planning received a collaborative grant for over a half-million dollars from the Global Ideas for U.S. Solutions team at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to pursue research on community climate change and health equity.

Research Spotlight: Online Communication Isn’t Always Uncivil

Dr. Deana Rohlinger is a Professor of Sociology, Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Community Engagement, and Research Director of the Institute of Politics at Florida State University. Dr. Rohlinger discusses her recently published article, “From ‘Please sir, stay out of it’ to ‘You are an abomination’: (in)civility and emotional expression in emails sent to politicians.”