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Studio Projects

Natural Hazards Adaptation Plan for The Ringling

Located on the water, The Ringling Museum and Estate is at-risk to severe natural hazards. This project conducted a comprehensive assessment of the hazards threatening The Ringling and provided adaptation strategies it can employ to ensure the campus is resilient to natural hazards for over the next 50 years.

Client: The Ringling & Florida State University Facilities Department

Team Members: Ashley Johnson, Aleah Qureshi, Marcus Richards, Nicholas Reid, Abigail Sanders, Maya Taylor, James Wenyon, and Michael Zang

Date: January 2020

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Post-Disaster Recovery Action Plan for the City Panama City

In coordination with Hagerty Consulting, the studio team aided in the development of a Long Range Recovery Plan for the City of Panama City, particularly looking at improvements to three annexes, the environment, energy, and agriculture.

Client: City Panama City & Hagerty Consulting

Team Members: Fay Coombes, Blake Finnegan, Stephen Liner, Kohl Malo, Karol Molinares, Harrison Nichols, Hannah Reynolds-Kershner, Ericha Stewart, Michael Turrisi, Andrea Zang

Date: October 2019

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Shared Mobility Design and Policy Guidance

Through the incorporation of “shared” modes of transportation including public transit, bikeshare, carshare, ridesharing, ride-hailing, taxis and autonomous vehicles, this project provided policy and planning guidance as well as urban designs taking into account best-practices, and principles, for FDOT and Plan Hillsborough.

Client: Plan Hillsborough & Florida Department of Transportation

Team Members: Carolyn Back, Jarice Baree, Navael Fontus, Kaleb McClellan, Dara Osher, Amber Tyrie

Date: September 2019

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Assessment of Planning Risks and Alternative Futures for the Florida Transportation Plan Update

This project helped FDOT understand how risk and uncertainty can be addressed in long-range transportation planning processes. It examined uncertainties posed by future transportation risks and provided specific recommendations and tools for incorporating these vulnerabilities into the Department’s planning processes.

Client: : Florida Department of Transportation

Team Members: Phase I – Summer 2018: Achaia Brown, Pamela Flores, Daphne Green, Jingwen Ma, Jaime McMillen, Hellena Lahens, Kathrena Regnier, Buford Scott, and Kierra Zuokemefa
Phase II – Fall 2018: Amanda Giesige, Tyler Griffin, Daniel Hubbard, Jared Jones, Kensington Little, Andrew Millot, Jorge Puente, Amanda Sapala, Nusrat Sharmin, and Eric Williams

Date: August 2019

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Transit Accessibility for Special Populations

Using Tallahassee StarMetro as a test community, this project empowered transit agencies to meet the mobility needs of every resident by developing a model process for evaluating and improving transit stops and routes for their utility to populations with enhanced accessibility needs.

Client: Florida Department of Transportation & StarMetro

Team Members: Ryan Anshell, Bridget Callea, Braden Davis, Shannon Gasper, Nathaniel Kusel, Hadley Peterson, Jacob Pierce, Nicholas Stampar, and Lindsay Weaver

Date: August 2018

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MPO Policy Guidance for Transit Applications of Automated Vehicles

Utilizing an innovative and collaborative process, the Barnebey Lab developed policy guidance, practice-ready recommendations, and policy language that MPOs can incorporate into their long range transportation plans to capitalize on the exciting opportunities that automated vehicle technology provides.

Client:Florida Department of Transportation

Team Members: Marshall Anderson, Glennika Gordon, Chris Ibarra, Jenna Osbun, Ronnie Lee Shelly, Jr., Ryan Wenger

Date: January 2018

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Project Archive

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