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The Mark & Marianne Barnebey Planning & Development Lab is a nationally-recognized resource which utilizes Florida as a laboratory and draws upon the academic and professional resources of Florida State University to connect with public and private partners to provide capacity and innovative planning for the sustainable growth and long-term viability of Florida communities.

What We Do

The Mark & Marianne Barnebey Planning & Development Lab, a function of the Florida State University Department of Urban and Regional Planning (DURP), provides technical assistance and capacity to regional communities and institutions through studio and research projects.

Studios engage professional planning faculty and masters-level graduate students in real-world planning projects that provide capacity and innovative planning for the sustainable growth and long-term viability of our partners while providing DURP’s graduate students with a clinical, place-based learning experience.

Research projects are typically smaller scale investigations that engage DURP faculty with occasional support from faculty from other departments and graduate students.

The Lab also arranges for student internships in a diverse array of professional planning settings. Please contact us if your organization is interested in supporting a DURP student intern.

Recent Projects

Natural Hazards Adaptation Plan for The Ringling

  • Client: The Ringling & Florida State University Facilities Department
  • Date: January 2020

Post-Disaster Recovery Action Plan for the City Panama City

  • Client: City Panama City & Hagerty Consulting
  • Date: October 2019

Shared Mobility Design and Policy Guidance

  • Client: Plan Hillsborough & Florida Department of Transportation
  • Date: September 2019

Assessment of Planning Risks and Alternative Futures for the Florida Transportation Plan Update

  • Client: Florida Department of Transportation
  • Date: August 2019

Hernando County Housing Action Plan

  • Client: Hernando County
  • Date: June 2019

Transit-Oriented Development & SunRail Riders: What’s the Connection?

  • Client: MetroPlan Orlando
  • Date: November 2018

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