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Askew School of Public Administration

College of Social Sciences and Public Policy

Master of Public Administration Degree Requirements

Requirements include completion of eight (8) required courses, six (6) elective courses, and one (1) internship course for a standard of 45 semester hours (24 hours of required credits, 18 hours of elective credits, and 3 internship credits). The required courses include a substantive core of five courses, a two-course methodology sequence and an applied research project called the Action Report. Successful completion of the required courses (the core courses, methodology courses, and the Action Report) is defined as a grade of B- or better. Students who receive grades of C+ or less in any of the seven required courses must repeat them (see Forgiveness Policy below). If grades of C are received in elective courses, the courses need not be repeated if the overall grade point average remains at or above a 3.0.

Internship Waiver

Students who lack one year of full-time professional experience must take the internship class (PAD 5946) for an additional three (3) credit hours (see below). All students who have more than a year of full-time professional work experience, defined as a job requiring a BA degree (and totaling some 2,000 work hours), shall provide an official job description and a letter from one’s supervisor confirming that the position requires a bachelor’s degree and indicating how long the student has been on the job. The jobs that students hold during their master’s program can count towards the internship waiver, and more than one job can be used to compile the year’s work experience. For more on the internship, see the internship section.

Coursework Outline

The program enables students to choose from the university's resources in a way that best fits their career needs and aspirations. As noted, the School has designed professional career paths oriented toward certain career paths.

Core Courses (15 credit hours)

  • PAD 5035 Policy Development and Administration
  • PAD 5050 The Profession of Public Administration
  • PAD 5106 Public Organizations
  • PAD 5227 Public Financial Management
  • PAD 5417 Human Resource Management

Methodology Sequence (6 credit hours)

  • PAD 5700 Research Design in Public Administration
  • PAD 5701 Quantitative Analysis in Public Administration

Internship (3 credit hours) [If you have less than one-year full-time professional work experience.]

  • PAD 5946 Internship

Applied Research Project (3 credit hours)

  • PAD 6908 Action Report
  • Electives (18 credit hours)

Electives (18 credit hours)

  • Career paths are available to review in the MPA Handbook, but any combination of 18 hours of PAD courses count for the elective requirement. Courses outside of the department may count as an elective with the MPA Director's approval prior to taking the course.