The School provides assistance in such things as searching for placement opportunities, writing resumes and preparing for job interviews. All students interested in receiveing career assistance should make contact with The Career Center. Students should also be aware that impressing school faculty sufficiently to earn strong letters of reference from them is probably more important in finding a job than is the student's final grade point average! Take care to prove to the faculty that you will be a hard working, caring, dedicated professional and we will take pleasure in writing strong letters of reference.

A government career day is sponsored each year by the university placement service which is attended by representatives of numerous public agencies. Students should plan to attend this function as well as meetings of the North Florida Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration and other professional associations such as the Florida City & County Management Association, the Florida Personnel Management Association, the Southeastern Evaluation Association, the Florida Government Finance Officers Association, and others. The development of a network of professional contacts--through the internship, professional memberships, and conference attendance--is essential.

We also assist students in learning to do computerized searches for job vacancies. We also recommend that students who are nearing graduation become members of the Capital Area Professional Placement Network sponsored by the local office of the Florida Job Service. The network holds regular educational meetings on placement related topics and gives students access to the nationwide resources of employment services across the nation. Local governments are often negligent in listing vacancies but increasing numbers do. Students who are interested in professional placements both statewide and nationwide should especially become familiar with the employment services' repository of job vacancies known as America's Job Bank. Increasing numbers of cities and counties, as well as such organizations as the Florida League of Cities and State Association of Counties, can be accessed via the Florida Communities Network.

Students should always do their homework and be knowledgeable about a prospective employer prior to appearing for a job interview. Initial letters of inquiry can also benefit from doing this "homework." Nothing impresses employers more than seeing that an applicant has taken the time to learn about them. The Florida Communities Network provides much information about state agencies, cities, counties, and other public and private organizations across the state. Wise use of the Internet can often speed homework for job applications elsewhere beyond Florida's borders. Few job applicants take the time to really learn about the operations and problems of a prospective employer. Those who do this gain an advantage.

There are a number of competitive post-graduate internships that require early submission of applications (e.g., the applicants’ deadline for applications to the Presidential Management Internship Program is usually in late September or early October). Deadlines for these and other placement opportunities are posted on the job announcements board, or notices about them are posted on the public administration student list serve. Students should begin their placement efforts at least six months prior to graduation.

Job Placement Services and General Assistance

This section includes job search services from a variety of private and nonprofit organizations. Most are placement services, providing job listings across many occupations, usually free online resume posting, among other features.

America's Job Bank - From the Department of Labor, this site takes you around the country for both public and private jobs.

FSU Career Center - free service to post your resume and get job search advice.