David Berlan


Dr. David Berlan is an associate professor at the Askew School. He teaches in the areas of nonprofit management and public and nonprofit financial management. His research examines the role of competing ideas in the change and evolution of nonprofit organizations and the networks in which they participate. Most of this research is in the context of global health and development, though he also seeks to tie his teaching and research into the local nonprofit community. Dr. Berlan recently published an article in The Conversation (“What the Staff Does Matters More than What’s in an Organization’s Mission Statement”) on why employee perspectives matter more than formal mission statements, a perspective informed by his most recent journal article (Berlan, 2018).


Ph.D., Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Public Administration
MPA, Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Public Administration
BSBA, Boston University, Business Management (Sum Cum Laude)

Selected Publications

Berlan, D. (2016). Pneumonia’s second wind? A case study of the global health network for childhood pneumonia. Health Policy and Planning. Advance Access.

Mitchell, G. E., & Berlan, D. (2016). Evaluation and Evaluative Rigor in the Nonprofit Sector. Nonprofit Management and Leadership, 27(2), 237-250.

Shiffman, J., Schmitz, H. P., Berlan, D., Smith, S. L., Quissell, K., Gneiting, U., & Pelletier, D. (2016). The emergence and effectiveness of global health networks: findings and future research. Health Policy and Planning, 31, i110-i123.

Berlan, D., Buse, K., Shiffman, J., & Tanaka, S. (2014). The bit in the middle: a synthesis of global health literature on policy formulation and adoption. Health Policy and Planning, 29: iii23-iii34.

Berlan, D. & Bruno-van Vijfeijken, T. (2013). The Planned Close of an NGO: Evidence for a New Organizational Form? VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations , 24: 262-275.

Berlan, D. & Shiffman, J. (2012). Holding Health Providers in Developing Countries Accountable to Consumers: A Synthesis of Relevant Scholarship. Health Policy and Planning, 27(4): 271-280.

Shiffman, J., Berlan, D., & Hafner, T. (2009). Has Aid for AIDS Raised All Health Funding Boats? Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, 52 (Supplemental): S45-S48.

David Berlan

Associate Professor, MPA Director

Areas of Interest: Nonprofit and NGO Management, Organization Theory and Behavior, Global Health Policy, Public and Nonprofit Financial Management, and International Development

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