All students will have to choose a field of specialization. Courses within the student's chosen field of specialization are decided upon in consultation with the student's Major Professor. Students will take a foundation course in the specialization and a minimum of two (2) additional courses (6 hours) that are at the 6000 level in Public Administration.

Specializations and Foundation courses

Institutions & Governance

Foundation course: PAD 6108 Institutions, Policy and Management

Public Management

Foundation course: PAD 6136 Seminar: Management Studies in Government

Public Policy

Foundation course: PAD 6721 Policy Analysis Research Seminar

In consultation with their Major Professor, students may select the remaining minimum of six (6) hours from any department on campus to complete the specialization.

Additional Requirements within the Specialization

Supervised Research PAD 5915 (variable hours).

The student works under the supervision of a faculty member in their specialization to produce a paper of publishable quality. This paper is required to be an individual work of the student. Three or more hours of graded (S/U) Supervised Research credit will be given.