Capstone Project

The Capstone Project is an applied research paper to be completed during the final semester. It requires students to relate theory to practice in a major study. This involves an extensive literature review, the use of appropriate methods of inquiry, and development of a professional product which includes recommendations to deal with a significant problem.

Preliminary consultations with the instructor should begin 60 days prior to the beginning of the term. After consultation with faculty, the submission of a formal proposal is required at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the term. Since School policy requires a grade of “B-” or better, graduation will be postponed until an appropriate performance level is achieved.

The Capstone Project Proposal Format

Download a copy of the proposal format / guidelines


Capstone Project Proposal Format*

(Due Prior to Start of Term for the Capstone Project)

A. Cover Page

  1. University
  2. Title/Sub-title
  3. Degree
  4. School/Name
  5. Telephones/email address
  6. Place and Date

B. Problem Statement*

  1. Problem Definition
  2. Importance of the Problem
  3. Purpose Statement

C. Background and Literature

  1. Context of problem (events,proposal statutes, cases, etc.)
  2. Types of literature to be consulted
  3. State Relationship of this project to existing literature
  4. Sources (initial list of references is to be appended to the proposal)

D. Methodology and Evaluative Criteria

  1. Data collection (methodology by which information is to be collected)
  2. Identification, definition and data sources of evaluative criteria to be used in analyzing policy options
  3. Limitations (study constraints)

E. Management Policy Options

  • Brief titles of options
  • (tentative responses to the issues identified in the title of the report with short description of each one)

F. Work Schedule
Begin with the total time available from the date the project is to be initiated to the date final copies must be submitted (consult course syllabus)

  1. Preparation of preliminary work
  2. Review by instructor
  3. Revision of proposal
  4. Preparation of draft/review/revision
  5. Second draft/review/revision
  6. Third draft/review/revision
  7. Further revisions as necessary
  8. Permission to bind final version
  9. Submission of final copies

*Students should submit a two-page problem statement for approval prior to completion of the six-eight page formal proposal. To begin the problem statement, consult with the instructor at least 60 days before the start of the term. Submission of the final proposal is due at least 21 days prior to the start of the term.