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Certificate Tracks

The Certificate Program applications are available for download here

Requirements for a Minor and Undergraduate Certificates in Public Administration

A minor in public administration is available to students in all majors except political science, where undergraduate courses in public administration are applied directly to the political science major. For other students, the minor in public administration consists of four courses, totaling twelve semester hours passed with a grade of "C" or better. One of the following Department of Political Science courses may be substituted: state politics, urban politics, Florida government and the American presidency. Courses should be approved by the school in consultation with the student.

Topics in regularly scheduled undergraduate classes include:

Administrative law

American public service

Budgets and finances in managing public affairs

Civic and non-profit management

Local government administration

Emergency management

Public administration in American society

Selected topics in public administration

The school, upon application from the student, recognizes successful completion of requirements for the undergraduate minor with an undergraduate Certificate in Public Administration. If approved by the school, some transfer credits may be accepted. The certificate credential is not intended as a diploma or degree. It is recommended that the student check with the school to be sure courses taken will apply to the certificate.

The school offers an undergraduate certificates in Emergency Management and Homeland Security, The Application of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, and U.S. National Intelligence Studies. Courses in emergency management are foundational courses for careers in emergency management and are useful for students entering careers in the management of business, government, and non-profit organizations. For more information on specific certificate programs, please visit the Emergency Management website here.

Both degree-seeking and non-degree students are eligible for the undergraduate certificates. Please contact the school for further details.

Graduate Certificates

The certificate programs are designed to accommodate the special needs of practicing administrators and working students. There is no minimum number of courses to be taken in any term and no limit on the amount of time one takes to complete a certificate. Continuous registration is not required. All graduate certificates require a 3.0 grade point average.

The certificates are also available to MPA students as a part of their degree coursework.

Certificate Programs in Emergency Management and Homeland Security

Emergency Management and Homeland security offers a variety of graduate certificate programs. Certificate tracks include: Emergency Management & Homeland Security, The Application of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, and U.S. National Intelligence Studies. For more information on specific certificate programs, please visit the Emergency Management website here.

Financial Management Certificate

Topics covered in this program conform to those recommended by the Association for Budgeting and Financial Management of the American Society for Public Administration. To obtain the certificate, students complete three required courses and three additional courses selected from a list of courses offered through the Reubin O'D. Askew School of Public Administration and Policy, the Department of Accounting, the Department of Economics, and the Department of Urban and Regional Planning.

Required Courses

PAD 5227 Managing Public Financial Resources (3)

PAD 6207 Financial Resources Administration (3)

Elective Courses

ACG 5505 Government and Not-for-Profit Accounting and Auditing (3)

ECO 5505 Public Finance (3)

PAD 5041 Public Service Ethics (3)

PAD 5327 Public Program Evaluation (3)

PAD 5859 Managing Public Procurement (3)

PAD 5935r Seminar in Public Administration: Selected Topics (1-3) [Public Finance (3)]

PAD 6226 Public Budgeting Simulation and Issues (3)

PAD 6721 Policy Analysis Research Seminar (3)

URP 5261 Forecasting for Plan Development (3)

URP 5731 Planning of Community Infrastructure (3)

Skills concentrations covered in this curriculum include accounting and auditing (government financial accounting and reporting, financial and performance auditing), budgeting (processes, preparation, approaches, analytic techniques, forecasting), financial management decision making (cost-benefit, cost-effectiveness, and cost-revenue analysis, managing public procurement, fiscal impact analysis, financial condition evaluation), revenues (taxation from both administrative and public finance perspectives, intergovernmental finance, user charges), long-term financial decision making (capital planning process, capital investment analysis, alternative financing sources, debt management), and financial modeling.

Certificate in Florida City and County Management

This program includes skills and knowledge appropriate for practicing managers and all those interested in Florida City and County Management. The certificate requires twelve credit hours of graduate course credit in public administration. It is taught in partnership with the Center for Florida Local Government Excellence.

Required Course

PAD 5935r Seminar in Public Administration: Selected Topics (1–3) [Local Government Administration (3)]

Elective Courses

PAD 5335 Strategic Leadership for Communities (3)

PAD 5397 Foundations of Emergency Management (3)

PAD 5826 Intergovernmental Management and Relations (3)

PAD 6136 Seminar: Management Studies in Government (3)

PAD 6207 Financial Resources Administration (3)

PAD 6226 Public Budgeting Simulation and Issues (3)

PAD 6300 Governmental Administration in Florida (3)

General Public Administration Certificate

The school offers an executive development program which leads to a certificate in public administration. Typically, participants are public administrators who hold bachelor's degrees but who have not yet entered a graduate degree program. Applicants register as non-degree students in a simplified process which does not require formal admission to graduate studies. Up to twelve hours of credit earned in this program may later be applied to the MPA upon admission to that program.

The certificate requires eighteen semester hours (six courses) of graduate course credit in public administration. Three courses must be from the MPA substantive core and the remainder from electives and other courses in public administration. One course from a related field outside the school may be applied to satisfy certificate requirements.