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Asian Studies

College of Social Sciences and Public Policy

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Asian Studies Major Requirements

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science:

Program of Asian Studies designed to develop a student’s competence in the language, history, culture and the contemporary political and economic setting of East Asia, South Asia and the Middle East.

The following must be satisfied to complete a Asian Studies major:

Total hours: must complete minimum of thirty-six (36) credits, chosen from the approved course list, with a “C-” or better in each course. Classes used to fulfill liberal studies (general education) requirements may not be applied towards the major.

  • Area Specific: 24 credits of area specific coursework must be taken on approved course list.
  • Concepts and Theory: 6 credits of coursework among the concept and theory courses listed on approved course list.
  • Additional Asian Studies: The remaining 6 credits will be satisfied by approved course or internship.

Approved Course List: All courses counted towards the major must come from the approved list of courses. A list is compiled each semester by the advisor – which reflect actual course offerings in each term. You can see the master list of approved courses on the General Bulletin, although these will not include new classes, special topics or interdisciplinary courses. For the approved course list, please contact the Asian Studies undergraduate advisor.

Bachelor of Art or Bachelor of Science: Students can choose to obtain either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree. There is no difference in the requirements for BA or BS degree, it is a personal preference and the department does not recommend one type of degree over the other.

Foreign Language requirement: Students must demonstrate proficient to the intermediate college level in a modern foreign language. Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, or some other Asian language.

This may be accomplished by completing one of these:

  • Completing intermediate level (2220 or equivalent)
  • Above intermediate level on the FSU Placement exam in Spanish or French
  • 12 semester hours in a foreign language with an average grade of at least 3.0 “B”
  • Passing intermediate level language CLEP exam

Although proficiency requirements pertain to all majors, the hours earned to satisfy will not be applied towards minimum 36 required credits. However, language coursework taken beyond the intermediate level (2220 or equivalent) may be counted toward the major.

3000/4000 level requirement: Within the thirty-six (36) required credits, at least eighteen (18) credits must be above the 2999 level.

Internship credit limitations: A maximum combined total of twelve (12) credits in internship, directed individual study or upper-division hours in the major may be counted towards the major.

Second majors: Students who pursue a second major, they may count six (6) credits towards both majors.

Mapping requirements: All students must meet “mapping” requirements. See here.

Minimum cumulative GPA: a minimum of 2.0 in all coursework applied to the major must be maintained.