Westcott Legacy Society

The James D. Westcott Legacy Society is a tribute to the visionary James D. Westcott and to all generations of Florida State University benefactors who embrace his vision and who share his high ideals.

Recognition in the Westcott Legacy Society is offered to all alumni and friends who have designated contributions to academic programs at Florida State University in their estate plans.
Honorees in the Westcott Legacy Society receive the following benefits:

  • Exclusive invitations to events, including annual luncheon featuring university leaders, faculty, and students who have benefited from your generosity
  • Informational seminars and communication related to estate and financial planning
  • Opportunities to share your personal experiences and inspire others
  • Dedicated access to staff who can answer questions and provide assistance

If you would like to join the Westcott Legacy Society, you may contact our Senior Director of Development, Katherine Cline Ashler, at kcline@foundation.fsu.edu or by calling 850-294-3343.

The following donors have pledged to give generously of their final estates. This list has last been updated Fall 2023.

Grace R. Albritton
James R. Anderson
Laird B. Anderson*
Anonymous #0024
Mark P. and Marianne P. Barnebey
Evelyn Y. Baugh*
Alan E. Bayer*
Raymond E. Bellamy, II*
Frances S. and William D. Berry
Carroll E. Bewley
Lee A. Black*
Margaret F. Black
Ramona D. Bowman
Roderick M. Brim, Sr.*
Christine Lung Caslow
Ruth B. Cates
Marshall S. Cohn
Charles W. Conaway
Ralph L. Cook*
Jeralynn S. Cossman
Ronald E. Cossman
Marie E. Cowart
April D. Davidson
Chris DeTreville
H. Michael Dye
Mark S. Ellis
Gordon H. Foster
Howard A. Frank, Ph.D.
Gordon D. Gaster
Jack W. Gramling*
Richard B. Gray*
Arnold L. Greenfield*
Mattox S. Hair, Esq.
Patricia B. Hamilton*
Gabriel G. Hanway
Karl V. Hart
Patricia B. Harvey
Virginia P. Heffner*
Mary E. Hepburn*
R. Mark Isaac
Lynda Keever
Terri Jo Kennedy
Marylou Mandell
Patricia Y. Martin
Clinton J. Mayo
Gregory W. Milford
James L. Morrison*
Rose Mary Ogram*
Harold W. Olson
Paul J. Piccard*
M. Julian Proctor, Jr.
Edna Runnels Ranck*
David W. Rasmussen
Michael C. Romanos
Catie S. Santamaria
Deborah A. Sawyer
Elizabeth G. Serow
Sheila R. Sheffield*
Mr. John P. Sisson*
Gus A. Stavros*
Suzanne M. Ward
Susan A. Yelton


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